Labor has pledged to expand their current sports voucher program, while Liberals claim to double it, if elected

If re-elected the Labor Government has said they will extend their Sport Voucher Program for another four years.

The program offers families a $50 subsidy towards each primary school aged student’s sports club registration fee and will also expand the program to include ballet and hip-hop to the list of dance sports currently included.

Premier Jay Weatherill said the voucher is reducing the cost of living for SA families and encouraged children to lead active lifestyles.

“By encouraging our kids to enjoy physical activity it will help them develop into social, healthy and happy adults,” he said.

The Liberal Government have said they will double the value of the current sports voucher program to $100 if elected, to further lower the costs for families with primary school aged children who participate in sport and recreation. 

Hammond MP Adrian Pederick said it is important for youth in regional communities to be encouraged to get involved in sport and recreation.

“We’ll also expand the criteria for funding under the sports club voucher program to ensure more recreational activities will be eligible under the $100 voucher available for each child annually,” he said.

“With local families having to continually dig deeper into their pockets to pay for the rising cost of living, doubling the sports voucher value will assist families who are struggling to pay for sports club fees.”