Students from two Murray Bridge schools put "captivating" public speaking skills on display

On Saturday February 24 the Lions club of Murray Bridge hosted its annual ‘Youth of the Year’ event at the White Park clubrooms.

With a good response this year, the students who took up the challenge were Angello Deionno, and Genevieve Gregory from Murray BRidge High School together with Jarrod Matulick from Unity College. 

They were interviewed in the morning, by the experienced panel of local judges, Ken Coventry OAM, Joan Fabbian, Helen Elix and Ian Walton.

At the afternoon’s public speaking session the students were introduced to a small gathering of around 30 Lions members, parents and special guests.

The impromptu speeches, limited to two minutes, were timed by Lions John Filmer and Roger Waldhuter and covered topics of the participants’ own choice.

The audience was captivated, empowered and enriched by the maturity during the students’ presentations, as well as the interaction made with the attendees during the day.

Candidates were only permitted to have the use of the microphone and their own notes for reference. Jarrod Matulick was the successful winner of the public speaking award.

Adrian Pederick MP presented the award and spoke on the ability to nurture and develop sound public speaking skills through practice and opportunity to do so.

Mayor Brenton Lewis presented the participation certificates to the students and appreciation certificates for the timekeepers.

Zone chairman Lion Carolyn Kilpatrick presented schools certificates for the high school to Genevieve Gregory and Angello Deionno and to Corrin Townsend on behalf of Unity.

The panel chairman Ken Coventry provided a summation of the candidates’ performances with some helpful ideas to improve their public speaking skills, before announcing the awards.

The overall winner was presented by Lion Tom Kimber to Jarrod Matulick who now advances to the regional final to be held at the RSL clubrooms at Keith on March 11.