Roof Rats win Murray Bridge Thursday Night Owls

The Social Night Owls Lawn Bowling season is quickly drawing to an end.

Last week the Thursday night players played their final round of competition in excellent conditions for night bowling.

Briefly stopping to lookback to the commencement of the season it was pleasing to notice the improvement being shown across the greens.

Of course there was still the “off target bowl, the short one end and the long bowl” but these were much rarer and many more great bowls were to be seen which should give bowlers a lot more heart in knowing that a lot of improvement is evident after a season of effort.

Fittingly on this final night, two draws were played, with the two leading teams in Section 1 in Roof Rats and Green Master playing out a high scoring 18-18 draw (including a maximum eight by Roof Rats).

Also in Section 2, again the two leaders in Irritable Bowls and E-Bowli, played an exciting 11/11 draw.

E-Bowli, a team which started the season with three players having never bowled before were looking comfortable at 11/6 with two ends to go, but Irritable Bowls, again a team who only started up last year, fought well over the last two ends winning a three and two  to tie the score.

What fantastic ways to finish the season.

The night commenced with a sausage sizzle and ended with a supper, provided by the club.

At the end of the night, results showed Home Detention (John Vial, Pam Jennings, Brenton Sinclair and Graham Wilmshurst) taking home the final winner’s loot, with Benders (Martin and Peter Stibbs, Gillian Newell and Mike Thiele walking off with the consolation chocolates.

Final nightly position winners for the season went to: Leader – David Brehaut (Riverglades), second -Lyndon Roberts (Chockers), thirds - Tony Pescheta (Awesome Foursomes) and skipper – Brett Edson (E-Bowli).

The Perpetual Shield and Murray Computer’s sponsored trophies were presented by Night Owl coordinator Neville Gotch to the seasonal winners.

In Section 1, it was Roof Rats (Shaun Morris, Lindsay Marks, Chris Hills and Scott Austin) only a point in front of Swanport Rollers (Malcolm Carter, Vicki Marshall, Judy Zadow and Ian Fulwood), who were only one point ahead of Green Master who needed a win rather than a draw on the night.

Home Detention was another point away in fourth position with Benders and Bushwackers each another point away in the next two positions, which indicated the closeness of this section of the competition.

In Section 2 it was the E-Bowli team (Curtis Brown, Lewis Burns, Brett Edson and Matt Lindner) winning the gold trophies with again only one point in front of Irritable Bowls (John Philpott, Alex Bulley, Chris Braun and Scott Crouch).

In third spot, only a further point away, were Bowls Movement, Old Tigers and Positive Minds all on the same score.

Again a closely fought final round robin play- off resulted.

Wednesday Night this week have given preference to Thursday Night’s competition as they still have one  week to go to determine their winners.

This again is looking like a very tight final night as teams are again locked closely together in both sections with one point difference again showing up with the likelihood of a count back on shots up being needed to separate the teams.

Last week’s winners was the Hell Raiser team, while Dad’s Army took the consolation prize.

Position winners were: leader - Ros Krueger (Punch Lines), second - Chris Thompson (Mypo), thirds - Natasha Coghlan (Humpty Doo) and skipper - Mark Crouch (Off Roaders).

This week will see the final night of the Wednesday competition, again starting with a club-sponsored sausage sizzle and ending with the presentation of the season’s Murray Computer sponsored awards.

Results on the night will determine winners with several teams vying for positions.

Also this week, a round of Regional State Night Owls Championships will be played in Murray Bridge on Tuesday evening, with teams from Lobethal, Mannum and Murray Bridge participating for four positions in the grand finals to be played in Adelaide in April.

Best wishes to all teams participating, as it would be great to see a State Championship come to Murray Bridge, after having a second and a third in previous years.

Also in the coming weeks players interested have entered into the pairs and singles championships to be played in a fortnight.

This will conclude what has been another successful Night Owls season played on Wednesday and Thursday nights since mid October.

No doubt it will be on again next season. Some players may even hopefully feel they are ready for the next stage and join Judy Zadow in taking that next step and joining up to play pennants next season.