Murray Bridge skate park reopens, if not officially | PHOTOS

Murray Bridge's new skate park will not officially open until Saturday at midday ... but the construction fences were taken away this afternoon, and that means it's fair game.

Among the first skaters and BMX riders to test out the new park this afternoon were Baylen Ragget, Josh Beer and Harley Gillespie.

"I'm fairly impressed," Mr Beer said.

"It's sick to finally come back to Murray Bridge and it finally to be done."

Taz Luppino was content to watch on, but said it was a lot better than it had been.

"They've added so much more for it, which is really good," she said.

"You can sit in the middle here and be a lot more a part of what people are doing.

"It gives you something to do, keeps 'em off the streets, keeps 'em off the footpaths.

"And there's so much more to it now; you're not all in each other's faces."

She said it was one of the best skate parks she had seen, better than those at Mannum and Mount Barker.

The skate park will officially open at 12pm on Saturday with a BMX, skate and scooter competition; demos from Alex Hiam, Corey Ridge and the Elan skate team; henna art; a free barbecue and smoothies; DJ music and aerosol art workshops.