Five weeks’ work coming up on Mannum Road as SA Water replaces pipe

What to expect: A water main being replaced. Photo: SA Water.
What to expect: A water main being replaced. Photo: SA Water.

Mannum Road will be dug up at Northern Heights next week as SA Water begins to install a new water main.

About 250 metres of new, more durable pipe will be laid between Bigmore Road and Doyle Road, on Murray Bridge's northern outskirts, over a five-week period.

The work was brought forward due to recent breakages and leaks, said SA Water asset operations and delivery general manager Mark Gobbie.

"We can't completely stop breaks and leaks from happening, because they're often triggered by weather or soil movements, but we're fully committed to reducing their incidence and impact on our customers," he said.

"The new pipes will be made of PVC, which is flexible and more resistant to the movement caused by the area's reactive clay soils compared to the existing, rigid cast-iron and fibro-cement pipes.

"The new pipe will be laid using traditional trenching techniques, with some temporary traffic diversions in place from time to time.

"Please be alert to changed traffic conditions in the area, which will be needed for the safety of road users, pedestrians and our workers."

Nearby residents will be notified via a letterbox drop when the old pipe is ready to be disconnected and the new pipe connected, which will mean a short water supply outage.

SA Water has also pledged to work with businesses in the area to make sure their trade is not interrupted.

The upgrade is part of $137 million worth of works programmed to replace 375 kilometres of water mains around South Australia between 2016 and 2020.