My first step towards covering the AFL

My name is Taylor Harvey and last Tuesday I started my first day of work placement at The Murray Valley Standard, through the University of Adelaide.

Taylor Harvey. Photo: Peri Strathearn.

Taylor Harvey. Photo: Peri Strathearn.

Originally, I spent my entire life living in the small town of Tintinara, playing sport and completing my schooling at Tintinara Area School.

Ever since year 9 I have had the ambition to become a sports journalist, whether that be in a rural area or in the huge expanses of the big city.

Like many country children, sport was a massive part of my life and many others, as football and netball allow for strong community interaction.

The reason behind aspiring to become a journalist was mainly due to my undeniable passion for sport, along with the hunger to create content and become a mouthpiece for potentially thousands of people.

My final year of schooling was completely different experience to most others, mainly due to me preparing for the 2015 World Paralympic Championships for football in Nottingham, England.

Knowing that I would be away for nearly three weeks overseas, during the most important stage of my schooling life, it meant that I really needed to prioritise my career ambitions.

I knew that the best way to qualify myself to become a journalist was to go to university and get a degree behind me, however it isn't always necessary in some cases.

Although I am still yet to finish my final year of study, the experience that I have already obtained throughout my course has given my a strong indication of the standard of work that I need to produce to become successful in the industry.

At the age of just 20, I have plenty of time to achieve my dream of becoming an AFL journalist, but I also know that life isn't always smooth sailing.

The prospect of years of slowly climbing the journalistic career ladder is something that excites me, instead of scaring me.

I know that I may never get the opportunity to achieve my dream of becoming an AFL journalist, that's just life, people are disappointed on a daily basis.

However, being able to complete my work placement through The Murray Valley Standard has allowed me to gather relevant skills and take my first step in a career that I have dreamed of doing since I was a child.

Taylor Harvey