River Murray Football League round three action gallery, reports | PHOTOS


Ramblers hosted the Meningie Bears for the River Murray Football League’s annual designated Anzac Day game, with the Roosters looking to start 3-0 against a motivated Bears outfit, wanting to bounce back onto the winners’ list.

It was a fiercely contested game from the first bounce, both sides showing some physicality with players fearlessly attacking each contest.

Meningie’s Brodie Martin was electric early creating some highlights setting up his teammates and kicking a goal himself.

The game was goal-for-goal during the first term, with Ramblers able to scrap to a three-point lead by the first break.

The game opened up in the second quarter with both sides kicking goals from fast ball movement out of the backline.

Ramblers’ Matthew Thompson provided a target up forward kicking two important goals including an impressive snap from the pocket in his first game of the season as Ramblers gained some momentum.

But Martin showed his class through a settling goal from the boundary line bringing the margin back to nine points at half time.

During the break a strong breeze developed towards the clubrooms end, and it was all Meningie throughout the third term using the wind to their advantage kicking consecutive goals to lead Ramblers.

Harrison ‘Silky’ Slee and Alex Scott provided some run and carry putting the Rambler defence under pressure.

A big mark and goal from Yakas brought the game back to seven-point margin with Ramblers to kick with the wind in the last.

It was a tight thriller in the last term until Ramblers were able to take advantage of the scoring end, kicking away to a 15-point win over the Bears in an Anzac Day game to remember.

Patrick O’Neil was awarded the Colin Wakefield Medal as best on ground and Ramblers marched on to start the season 3-0.


Jervois hosted Mypolonga in what was another summer-like day, but they would have a big task on their hand with a number of players out injured.

Justin Hardy got the first shot at goal of the game for the Bluds and he kicked truly from 30 metres out to get them off to a good start.

Mypolonga replied soon after with a goal to Jack Freestone and the scores were all tied up.

They then put another goal on the board with a quick snap from the pack inside 50 going through the big sticks.

Jervois had the next two shots at goal, with a behind from the boundary and they managed to get the ball back from the kick in and Craig Fidge goaled from the pocket.

The Bluds then got another goal as Tate Silverlock was able to get a kick away as he was tackled that went through for a goal.

The Tigers then replied with a goal to James Moss as they were able to get the ball straight out of the centre.

James Moss was then able to put his second goal through within a minute after some great ball use off of the half back line.

The score was Mypolonga 4.0.24 to Jervois 3.1.19 about 15 minutes into the first quarter.

Mypolonga got the next two goals to Clint Diment and James Moss and the score at quarter time was Mypolonga 6.2.38 to Jervois 3.2.20.

Mypolonga got the ball straight from the centre and James Moss put his fourth goal through.

The Bluds needed to dig in fast if they were going to get back into the game, but it wasn’t to happen as the Tigers then put 2 more goals on the board.

The score was now Mypolonga 9.3.57 to Jervois 3.2.20.

The Bluds were able to get the next score, but it was a behind and the Tigers then put another goal through to Clint Diment and their lead was now out to seven goals about halfway through the quarter.

There was no score for the next several minutes as Jervois tried to stem the flow.

They were then able to get a goal back as Justin Hardy took a good grab and kicked truly from the pocket.

Connor Smelt for Mypolonga had the chance to reply straight away and he did, and it became goal for goal as Justin Hardy put through another goal for the Bluds.

The Tigers managed one more goal for the half and at half-time the Bluds had a massive task if they were going to get back into the game, trailing by 43 points 12.4.76 to 5.3.33.

Brayden Gommers was able to gather a great crumb from the pack and snap truly to give the Bluds a great start to the third term and they then got a second goal soon after with Hayden Shultz snapping truly.

The margin was now at 31 points and The Bluds were on the comeback.

The Tigers then clamped down and there was no score for the next 5 minutes until they got a goal themselves.

The Bluds then replied with a goal to Justin Hardy.

The score was Mypolonga 13.4.82 to Jervois 8.3.51 nearing the halfway point of the quarter.

Mypolonga got the next goal to Brad Martin as he took the mark from the Bluds kick in.

The Bluds then got a goal themselves to Tate Silverlock as he snapped truly from the boundary and the margin was now 32 points.

The score at three-quarter-time was Mypolonga 14.6.90 to Jervois 9.4.58 - it was a much improved performance from the Bluds in the third quarter, but would it be enough to get them back in the game?

Sam Elliott and James Moss, for Mypolonga, put the first two goals through of the last quarter to put any hope of a Bluds comeback to bed.

The Tigers then went on to kick another three goals to two for the rest of the game and at the final siren the score was Mypolonga 19.10.124 to Jervois 11.4.70.

Best players for Mypolonga were Best Players: Lachlan Butler, Kobe Wilson, Clint Diment, Jake Altmann and Mitchell Bowley.

Jervois were best served by Justin Hardy, Ryan McKaye, Tom Kluske, Taite Silverlock, and Hayden Schulz.