RMFL ROUND 4: Nothing separates Ramblers, Jervois in exciting finish | PHOTOS

  • River Murray Football League round four A grade match reports, April 28, 2018


 Bluds, Roosters fight out exciting draw

JERVOIS and Ramblers shared the round four points as the two top teams played out a low-scoring draw on Saturday at the Jervois Oval.

Ramblers’ Ronald Rankine Junior for Ramblers got the first goal of the game as they were able to break free from the centre.

The Roosters got the next shot at goal with a check side kick going through for a behind.

The Bluds then managed to get the ball inside their 50 and a free kick to Justin Hardy gave them their first goal of the game as he kicked truly from 20 metres out.

The Roosters were able to reply with a soccer goal on their goal line and Jervois had the opportunity to get a reply soon after, but their shot missed from the boundary line.

The Bluds managed to keep the ball inside their 50 and a passage of handballs led to Tom Kluske snapping a goal from 25 metres out.

This bought the scores level about 10 minutes in.

Rankine, for Ramblers, had a quick shot at goal from 40 metres out, but his shot at goal missed.

There was no further score until Jervois got a clean passage of play and Josh Noye was able to goal from inside 50.

Ramblers had the final two shots at goal for the quarter, which were both wayward and at quarter-time the Bluds held a three point lead, 3.1.19 to 2.4.16.

Kieran Yakas, for Ramblers, was able to get the first goal on the board of the second quarter as he took a diving mark 40 metres out from goal and kicked truly to give them the lead back only two minutes into the quarter.

He then put the next goal through not long after to extend their lead to beyond a goal.

Nick Pearce then had the opportunity for their third goal of the term and he was celebrating as his kick looked like it would go through, but it bounced on it’s end and the Bluds’ defence was able to get back and rush it through for a behind.

The Bluds then had their first opportunity at goal for the quarter soon after as Justin Hardy marked 35 metres out and kicked straight.

Yakas  was then able to reply for Ramblers and the score 10 minutes in was Ramblers 5.5 35 to Jervois 4.1 25. 

Jervois were able to put the next goal through and they would have been happy with that, but a goal was kicked after the siren for the Roosters to give them an eight-point half-time lead, 6.6.42 to 5.4.34.

The Roosters had the first shot at goal of the third quarter, but missed and the Bluds took advantage, with a goal to Justin Hardy as he was awarded a free kick in the goal square.

Ramblers got the next goal and it was goal for goal at the start of the third quarter. 

Jervois had several repeat 50 entries, but just couldn’t put a score on the board and this gave Ramblers their second goal in a row to again extend the margin to 16 points, 8.7.56 to 6.4.40. 

Jervois got a quick reply as the got the ball inside 50 where Justin Hardy goaled, but Ramblers were then able to put two more goals on the board, with goals to Matthew Thompson and David Wilson

And their lead was now out to 22 points getting close to time on for the quarter.

The Bluds found a way in the last five minutes of the quarter to put on three quick goals to draw within five points at three-quarter-time.

The score was 10.9.69 to 10.4.64 and spectators were set for a terrific last quarter.

Justin Hardy for the Bluds had the first shot at goal of the last quarter and didn’t miss to give them the lead back five minutes in. 

James Cobbledick for the Bluds made it two-in-a-row as a Ramblers player was pinged for running to far with the ball.

No one could kick a goal despite several chances and this game was going to go down to the wire.

Ten minutes into the quarter, Jervois lead by a goal, 12.4.76 to 10.10.70.

he Roosters had a shot at goal soon after that was punched through by the Bluds defence and the margin was now five points.

There was no further score until time on as the Roosters were able to goal and give themselves a one-point lead with only minutes left.

Jervois had the opportunity to regain the lead as they got the ball straight out of the centre and into Justin Hardy as he marked on the 50 metre line.

His kick missed however and scores were now level, with only a minute or so left.

The score remained at 77 each when the siren sounded and the crowd went silent, Jervois 12.5.77 to Ramblers 11.11.77.

Justin Hardy was dominant up forward for the Bluds with seven goals, while Kieran Yakas kicked five for the Roosters.

Ryan McKaye and Nick Pearce were also great for their respective sides.


Roos shake off Eagles with big last quarter 

Tailem Bend won the toss and kicked to the Northern end on the Mannum Showgrounds as the Roos hosted the Eagles.

Brad Hartman scored the first goal for Tailem Bend.

After a bit of an arm-wrestle over the ball for about 10 minutes, Adrian Lloyd for Tailem Bend scored their second.

Good pressure was applied by both teams throughout the quarter.

A goal by Mackenzie Hansen gave Tailem Bend a good result for their first quarter efforts.

Mannum’s missed opportunities meant no majors on the board for the quarter even though the forward 50’s count was even.

At quarter time, Tailem Bend led, 3.1 to 0.4.

It was a good 10 minutes into the second quarter before Mannum scored their first major through Levi Krause.

Soon after a great passage of play and Gene Robinson marked in front to put Mannum’s second one on the board.

Good tight pressure forcing short passes was still being applied by both teams.

A silly infringement gave away a 50-metre penalty by Tailem Bend giving Mannum a goal through Jye De Zylva.

Tailem Bend managed to get the ball into their forward zone where Mackenzie Hansen scored Tailem’s first for the quarter.

Mannum were quick to answer with a goal through Gene Robinson.

Playing coach Michael O’Malley for Mannum was working tirelessly in defence.

Benn Crate and Bradley Hartman were brilliant for Tailem Bend.

A goal late in the quarter for Tailem through Benn Crate kept Tailem in front at the long break.

There was some great work in the first half by Levi Krause, Mitchell Heward, Michael O’Malley and Billy Hayes for Mannum.

For Tailem Bend, Keelan White, William Lipp, Nick Westhoff, Benn Crate and Bradley Hartman were trying hard.

Mannum opened their scoring for the quarter from the back flank through Zakk Bullard, Gene Robinson, ‘Buster’ Keeley and finished well by Jack Woollard.

A mark and goal in front by Gene Robinson got Mannum their second.

 ailem didn’t take long to answer through Jack Smedley.

A good clearance through the middle by Mannum set Robinson up again for another.

Tailem responded with a goal through Hartman with an assist by Jack Marino.

A great passage of play by Mannum set up a goal by Robinson assisted by Hayes and Dustin Inglis.

Good contributors from Tailem this quarter were Neil Johnson, Nick Westhoff, Jake Ferraro, Alfie Golan and Harrison Westhoff.

Mannum’s contributors were De Zylva, Robinson, Korey Loechel, Matthew Williams and Bryson Keeley.

At three-quarter-time Mannum led, 10.7 to Tailem Bend’s 8.4.

A good start to the final quarter by Mannum, scoring through Robinson to which Tailem replied almost immediately through Marino.

Tailem had no answers to Mannum’s strong play and contributors all over the oval.

Goals by Krause, a long bomb by Hayes, again twice by Robinson saw Tailem Bend fall well behind.

Each time Tailem pushed forward, Mannum’s backline mopped up well sending the ball back into attack.

 A 60 metre goal through Loechel was the icing on the cake for Mannum.

Final scores were Mannum 17.8 to Tailem Bend 9.6.

Best players: Mannum – De Zylva and Hampel; Tailem Bend – Clay and White.

Mypolonga v Imperials

No match report submitted

Mypolonga 17.7 109 defeated Imperials 14.12 96


Goalkickers: J. Moss 8, S. McDonnell 4, C. Diment 2, L. Butler, S. Norris, B. Gogel

Best players: B. Morris, C. Diment, M. Bowley, J. Moss, B. Gogel


Goalkickers: J. Boras 7, J. Honner 2, B. Lienert 2, N. Daish, J. Rance, J. Robinson

Best players: M. Williams, J. Honner, N. Daish, M. Lienert, J. Boras