River Murray juniors battle hard against strong Hills sides

UNDER 15: Jake Watson Shield

HILLS 7.9 (51) d RMFL 3.3 (21)

The Hills Football League began the game well, scoring 2.2 in the first few minutes, before the RMFL began to apply defensive pressure and defended well.

At quarter time, the RMFL had managed to contain the Hills score, but unfortunately had not been able to attack themselves.

The RMFL began the second quarter with a great goal to vice captain Brock Heward.

Blake Fidge was applying pressure to his opponents and created some turnovers. Hills kept attacking and finished the quarter with another three goals – half time scores were Hills 5.5 to RMFL 1.1.

The third quarter was a win to the RMFL, who attacked relentlessly.

Brock Heward passed the ball to a running Blake Fidge, who found Malakai Kartinyeri who snapped for a point.

Brock Heward, really stood up this quarter and kicked a great goal, then Lachlan Appledore followed with a goal, Malakai Kartinyeri also the smallest player on the field, sent the ball forward.

Jordan Hein, who had been consistent, kept on doing his job and came into the game. It was a great quarter and at three quarter time Hills were 6-7 to RMFL 3-2.

The last quarter was every even, with RMFL players Luke Smith, Blake Fidge and Noah Attrill rebounding and defending well. RMFL had their chances to score through captain Lachlan Thomas, Lachlan Appledore and Malakai Kartinyeri.

The Hills seemed to go forward on very few occasions, but scored when they did.

Best players were Blake Fidge, Jordan Hein, Lachlan Thomas, Brock Heward and Lachlan Appledore

UNDER 17.5: Judd Lienert Shield

HILLS 8.17 (65) d RMFL 6.11 (47)

The Under 17.5’s match saw both sides kick inaccurately, but considering the conditions on the day were perfect, with no breeze and sunshine, it was the defensive effort of both sides that caused the inaccuracy.

The smothering and tackling was fantastic and in the third quarter the intensity really picked up.

The RMFL got the first goal of the match with a great kick by Will Crane, but the Hills attacked more often and as a result the goals came and at quarter time the score was Hills 3.4 to RMFL 1.2.

The second quarter was even with both sides scoring 1.1, and the ball see-sawed between the two ends continuously.

At half time scores were Hills 4.4 to RMFL 2.3.

The intensity picked up here and both sides were attacking and rebounding.

Campbell Ballard ran into an open goal and grazed the post, and then RMFL attacked for another point, Shane Paech sent the ball out of bounds on his shot for goal and Kobie Hood’s shot went off the side of his boot.

Keynan Harradine was getting the ball out of the centre, and he attacked for several points.

The Hills started attacking and kicked a goal, before a series of points created by the RMFL defenders harassing the Hills players.

The quarter was played in two halves – the RMFL won the first half the Hills the second.

Three quarter time scores Hills 6.16 to RMFL 3.7.

The last quarter saw the RMFL outscore the Hills, and if they could have kicked straight could have made a game of it.

Blake Zadow smothered an almost certain goal for the Hills and Regan Gotch took advantage to goal, Christian Murison goaled, Lachlan Marsh intercepted the ball and passed to Will Crane for a miss, while Keynan Harradine ran forward for a shot, then he took a great grab for another point.