Swanport Road master plan includes new roundabout near Murray Bridge High School

A new roundabout and playground are among the ideas envisioned in a master plan for Murray Bridge's Swanport Road.

The plan, released for public consultation on April 20, calls for an "attractive and cohesive entry statement" into the city similar to that already being constructed on Adelaide Road.

Its other features include better lighting, wider paths for pedestrians and cyclists, and more trees, artworks and street furniture.

If approved by councillors following the consultation period, the plan would be implemented in two stages.

The first would focus on the section between the South Eastern Freeway and Long Island Road.

The intersection out the front of Murray Bridge High School would become a four-way roundabout with a connection to Ridge Road.

A play space would be built at Jubilee Park, the open space next to it.

The second stage, stretching from Long Island Road to the hospital roundabout, would be lined with trees.

Earthworks and garden beds filled with native plants would add to the visual appeal of both sections.

"The design will enhance the local character of the area in an upgraded and memorable entry landscape that is engaging for residents as well as visitors to the town," the plan proclaimed.

"The design will feature improved movement networks, landscaped verges, street tree planting, improved amenities and lighting as well as artworks and signage."

  • Have your say: View the plans, ask questions and give feedback at Murray Bridge Town Hall between 10am and 6pm next Wednesday, May 9; or go to letstalk.murraybridge.sa.gov.au or the Murray Bridge council office before 5pm on May 11.