RMFL ROUND 5: Match reports, junior and senior action gallery | PHOTOS

Mannum v Mypolonga

Perfect conditions for footy at Mannum greeted the Roos and Tigers for their round five A grade clash.

Mannum began the game with a goal to Jack Woollard after quick ball movement from half back.

Mypolonga responded with a goal from a set shot by Clint Diment. 

Both teams had good, even ball work around the ground with no one gaining an advantage. 

An intercept by Cook for Mannum and quick hands by Korey Loechel resulted in a goal to Billy Hayes. 

Again Loechel was involved in another intercept, turning over the ball and sending it forward for Mannum into the hands of Gene Robinson who goaled.

A clean centre clearance resulted in a set shot for Robinson 30m from goal on a 45 degree angle, he didn’t disappoint.

Mypolonga responded with their own turnover at Mannum’s half forward moving the ball back down to their attack where James Moss took a set shot from 45m out, he goaled. 

A centre clearance by Mannum saw the Roos goal through Zak Bullard.

A great one-handed mark from Moss kept Mypolonga in touch on the scoreboard. 

A quick centre clearance saw Mypolonga score again through Moss, his third for the quarter

At quarter-time Mannum led 5 4 to Mypolonga’s 4 2.

Mypolonga began the quarter with an on the run goal from Lachlan Butler.

Tough play between the teams made for an exciting match.

Billy Hayes, for Mannum, combined well with Gene Robinson resulting in a goal.

Down the other end of the ground Michael O’Malley for Mannum was having all sorts of trouble keeping Moss subdued and Moss yet again goaled. 

Mannum scored another through Robinson before sloppy bodywork leads to Mypolonga scoring through Brad Martin.

Mannum pressure gave Billy Hayes the opportunity to feed Woollard who goaled for Mannum. 

A great bump and handball from Danny Walker, Mannum, saw the ball get to Loechel who scored. 

Poor midfield pressure again cost Mannum a goal through Moss for Mypolonga.

Scrappy play in Mannum’s forward line resulted in a snap-around-the-body goal by Woollard.

A lucky bounce and quick ball movement saw Moss kick his sixth goal for the match.

Mypolonga continued to press forward and when a Mannum defender slipped giving Moss an easy mark, the Tiger captain kicked his seventh goal.

Kobe Wilson, for Mypolonga, responded with a goal on the run. 

Late in the term, a holding the ball decision deep in the Mannum forward pocket saw Gene Robinson score another goal.

At half-time, Mypolonga led by two points, Mannum 11.6 to Mypo 12 2.

Mannum opened the third quarter with a goal to Robinson from a tight angle.

A turnover in the middle by Mypolonga moved the ball to the forward lines and Moss got his eighth goal. 

This was closely followed by another turnover to Mannum and Mypolonga scored through Todd Stegmeyer. 

A great run down the wing saw Mypolonga score yet again

 Off the ball work by Bullard for Mannum set up a goal by Hayes and Mannum scored another goal from good forward pressure. 

Yet again, Moss made a great lead and marks before scoring his 10th goal for the match. 

At three-quarter-time, Mypolonga led, 14.11 to 16.5.

Mannum began the final quarter with some undisciplined play giving a free kick to Mypolonga’s Brad Martin who goaled. 

Tensions were high and actions from Zakk Bullard saw him receive a yellow card while Mypolonga went on to score through Gogel. 

A clean clearance from the centre saw Mannum score from the goal square by Gene Robinson. 

It was two straight goals for Mypolonga through the magic of Moss. 

A final good piece of bodywork by O’Malley allowed Robinson to goal for Mannum. 

At the final siren Mypolonga’s Moss had finished with 12 goals and Mannum’s Robinson finished with eight goals.

The final score was Mannum 16.11 107 to Mypolonga 20.8 128. 

Best players for  Mannum were Billy Hayes, Callum Cook and Zakk Bullard

Mypolonga were best served by James Moss, Clint Dement and Kobe Wilson.

Tailem Bend v Jervois

Jervois returned to the A grade winner’s list with a 38-point win over the Eagles at Tailem Bend on Saturday.

Tailem Bend started full of intent and looked the better of the two sides in the first 10 minutes of play.

The Eagles loss the toss and were kicking against a slight breeze but managed to kick the first three goals with many foward entries.

The Eagles’ defenders were repelling Jervois’ attacks forward, however, it wasn’t long before the Bluds switched on and started to control the match.

Jervois’ work-rate lifted and so did the damage on the scoreboard – the Bluds piled on seven goals in the first term to lead, 7.1 to 33.

The Eagles needed to regain the fire they started with but were unable to as Jervois’ class simply did not allow Tailem Bend back into the match.

Jervois’ Taite Silverlock was fantastic early and five first half goals to Justin Hardy put a big gap between the two sides.

At half-time, Jervois led, 10.2 to 4.5.

Tailem Bend weren’t without their changes to challenge the Bluds and have nine scoring shots to Jervois’ 12, but they were unable to move the ball with any purpose with execution errors letting the Eagles down.

Jervois continued to control the game after half-time and a four goal to two third quarter saw the Bluds pull away to a comfortable 44-point lead.

The Eagles finished strongly to win the last term but Tailem Bend never really challenged and the Bluds proved too tall, too strong and too good, winning by 38 points.

Best players for Jervois were Taite Silverlock, Zane Barry, Braydon Gommers, Tony Gibson and Justin Hardy.

Tailem Bend were best served by Nick Westhoff, Jack Marino, Jarryd Linde, Michael Holland and Steven Clay.

Meningie v Imperials

Meningie hosted Imperials in round five of River Murray football, with the game played in perfect conditions and both sides looking to improve their season. 

The home side struck first with a mark and goal to Brodie Martin.

Imperials replied with a goal to Mitchell Lienert, Martin kicked his second and John Boras evened the scores again. 

A goal-for-goal first quarter saw Will Paynter Meningie, Will Crane and Brayden Martin Imperials goal. 

A nice snap by Kyale Rigney to finish the first quarter saw teams locked together at 4.1.25.

Imperials opened the second quarter with back to back goals from Luke Harrowfield, Seb Paynter replied for the Bears. 

Imperials midfield were providing plenty of drive forward and goals to Jacob Rance and Scott McMahon saw them well on top with a 21-point lead. 

A late goal to Will Paynter pegged the margin back to 15 points 8.4.52-6.1.37 at hal- time with Imperials in charge.

The Bears opened the second half with a goal to Matthew Hartman, Imperials again took control goals to Brad Lienert and John Boras who was well held by Peter Reichelt in the first half. 

Imperials’ midfield was well on top at this stage Mitchell Lienert ,Gareth Williams, Luke Harrowfield dominating. 

Meningie started to work back into the game goals to Harry Slee,

Seb Paynter and Matthew Hartman were working hard and lifted the Bears. 

It was game on Brad Lienert who was everywhere across half forward steadied with a goal. 

The home side would not lay down with Peter Nelson goaling, Nelson and Matt Williams were engaged in a great rucking duel both players having a big effect on the game

 A Brodie Martin goal late in the quarter saw the Bears take a two-point lead into the last break,  12.2.74-11.6.72.

The game was poised for a pulsating last quarter with both teams supporters enjoying a great game at the Lakeside. Imperials again lifted with a goal to Mitchell Lienert when Brad Lienert

kicked his third the Blues were back on top. Luke Harrowfield who was playing a superb game kicked his third Imperials looked home. 

Brodie Martin replied with his fourth but it was Imperials who took the win by 13 points 14.11.95 to Meningie 13.4.82.