Lions’ tribute to Janet

Janet Ann Dean-Trotter was born March 22 1939 to Evelyn and Frederick Johnston, sister to Freddie (deceased) and Sharon.

Mum had a tough early life growing up during World War 2, she lost her Father in 1942 in a truck crash at Warradale while in the Service but not having served overseas.

Brother Freddie was born a few months after the death of their Father leaving Nana with a three year old and a new born to raise during the war.

Nana struggled to earn a living, look after a new born and raising a three year old 

and Mum was sent off to the Church of England Girls Home for a few months when Nana found it difficult to cope.

Sadly Freddie died due to Tetanus at the age of 10. A brother Mum dearly loved and helped raise.

Mum struggled the other day telling me about Freddie and I could hear in her voice and see in her tears the love she had for him.

They moved around Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills wherever work was to be found for a number of years and it was during this time Nana met Bert Johns.

They later married and they were to have a daughter, Sharon. Bert was always our Grandad as he was the only the Grandfather we knew.

Mum and Nana contracted Polio and both were hospitalised to overcome it.

This may have led to Mum's constant battle with back problems throughout her life.

All of these struggles early in Mum's life made her the woman she was to everyone who knew her as a 

loving, caring, selfless, strong, independent woman who had a deep love for her family and friends.

Nana and Grandad went on to run a Guest House, The Coffee Palace, on Sixth Street across the road from the Town Hall.

This is where Mum not only met our future Dad but also struck up a lifelong friendship with Marg Skola.

Mum baby sat Cherie and Marg returned the favour when I was born. They worked together for years and all of we kids grew up together. 

We all have many fond memories of the times we spent together throughout our early years.

Mum married our Father,Bob Dean, in 1959 and they went on to have three children, Myself (Neil), Robyn and Glenn.

We then proceeded to have our own children. Christopher, Chantel, Cara, Shaun, James, Sofie and Simon.

Then came the Great Grandchildren. Chase, Aubree and Khensi.

Mum's love for all of her Children, Grandchildren and great Grandchildren was unbounded.

Mum was so proud of us all.She was always so excited to see any of us and she loved seeing us all before her passing.

Mum was terrific when we were growing up with her helping out in any activities we did including Scouts and Guides and every sport we played in.

Mum and Dad divorced after about 20 years. 

Mum later found her soulmate in Paul Allan Trotter whom were together for about 14 years before Allan's passing.

Allan introduced Mum to the Lions Club and the Wine and Dine Club in Murray Bridge which she stayed involved with and found many great friends within. 

Thank you to all of you as you were always very special to Mum. 

There are far too many to mention but you all know who you are and we thank you for your involvement with Mum, she really loved you all.

Mum and Allan travelled regularly and went on holidays all over Australia.

They married in 1993 but sadly Allan passed away in 1994. Mum and Allan had a deep and enduring love for each other.

Mum was devastated as Allan was such a big part of her life and these were very hard times for Mum.

Mum travelled overseas a couple of items by herself and with her friends Sandra and Deggy.

While travelling overseas once Mum was in England around the time there was a terrorist bombing.

A short, plump, lady in a red coat with a small airline bag was seen leaving the scene shortly before the explosion.

The suspect looked like a tourist and Mum fitted the bill perfectly. Her plane was held up while armed guards escorted Mum off the plane 

and interrogated her under a heavily armed guard presence. Mum was scared and terrified even more so as she was travelling alone.

Mum was eventually placed back on the plane and allowed to resume her holiday. All she could talk about was how embarrassing it was.

After Allan's passing Mum became involved in the Uniting Church.

I believe this was through Peggy and her Mum. Peggy was Mum's boss at the Library and remained a good friend to the end.

The support and friendship Mum found through the Church was amazing.

We cannot thank them all enough for what they have done throughout her illnesses over the last few years.

Mum's faith in Jesus and kmowing she was going to Heaven was instrumental in the decisions on her life and how she wanted to go.

Mum had struggled with ill health over the last few years and the Church was always there for her. 

The support and prayers by the Ministers, Darren and Frances, and the congregation was fantatstic and we cannot thank them enough.

I remember my Wife Debbie and myself visiting Mum in Hospital one day and walked into the room to find leaning over her, holding hands and praying.

I had no idea who there were and my first thought was she was dying. Not true just members of the Uniting Church supporting one another. Beautiful to see.

Mum worked in many places and many different roles. Mum worked in the Murray Bridge Council, Roadhouses,

the TAB and the Library where Mum spent the last 25 years of her paid working life.

Mum resumed studies during this time and became a Librarian. A proud moment for Mum and us all. Mum had always regretted not being able to further her studies

when young but her Family needed her financial support. Just another sacrifice for others.

Mum picked up a very special award in 2006 being the Senior Australian of the Year for Murray Bridge Council.

Mum did a lot of good for the community over a number years and received many awards and recognitions.

Mum always proudly shared these with us and her sharing made us very proud of her.

One of her proudest moments was her campaign to get a second kidney dialysis machine for the Murray Bride Hospital.

Mum campaigned to Council and Politicians and fought hard and won this battle so her Grandson Christopher, and many others, did not have to travel to Adelaide.

Sadly Mum passed away on the 29th April at Murray Bridge Hospital peacefully. 

Mum will be sadly missed by all of her Family, Friends, Congregation, Fellow Volunteers and probably just about anyone who knew her.

Vale Janet Dean-Trotter.