A Murray Bridge man has been fined $500 for possessing 200 grams of cannabis with intent to supply

Supply controlled drug

A 57 year-old Murray Bridge man pleaded guilty to one count of supplying a controlled drug in the Murray Bridge Magistrates court on Monday for events which occured on August 30 last year.

The prosecuting officer told the court police attended the defendant’s address following a report of a rubbish fire.  

When police attended the address they found 200 grams of cannabis and subsequently interviewed the defendant.

The court was told that the defendant initially denied he was supplying the drug and claimed it was for personal use. 

The defendant told the court he had been a smoker of cannabis since he was 15 and lives with two of his sons.

The defendant claimed the cannabis was also used by his third son and some of his associates and that the defendant was in charge of distributing it to them and therefore had it in his possession.

The defendant admitted the long-term use of the drug had affected his health and claimed he suffered from respiratory and breathing problems and has since “dramatically” reduced the amount he smokes. 

He also claimed he suffered from insomnia and used the drug to help him sleep.

Magistrate McLeod told the defendant he hoped the court proceedings had acted as a  wake up call for him before he sentenced him to enter into an 18 month good behaviour bond and a $500 fine. 

Two year good behaviour bond

A 37 year old Murray Bridge man pleaded guilty to driving while his licence was disqualified after police found him driving on Lorikeet Road on January 9.

The prosecuting officer informed the court the driver told police he didn’t know if he was disqualified when they interviewed him. 

The defendant’s lawyer submitted to the court that his client received a letter sent to in August last year which stated the defendant’s disqualification had been removed.

The magistrate took into account the confusion present in the defendants state of mind in regards to the status of his licence at the time the offending occured.

The defendant was entered into a good behaviour bond for two years and given a $500 fine.