River Murray Netball Association junior and senior action, May 12 | PHOTOS


A grade

Tailem Bend won the toss and with strong offensive play, converted quickly and confidently. Tailem Bend intercepted Mypolonga’s first attempt to score resulting in quick succession of another goal. 

Mypolonga’s inability to convert their goals from tight defensive play in the goal circle enabled Tailem to control and set the pace and tone of the first quarter, Mypolonga 4 to Tailem Bend 12.

Mypolonga made a change to their goals line up in the break, and with stronger, committed passages of play in attack commenced to close the gap in scores. 

Tailem Bend’s solid defensive pressure was relentless, and at times proved a challenged to Mypolonga, but they managed to finish at the half time break with only a goal difference, Mypolonga 19 to Tailem Bend 20.

The third quarter saw both teams playing a strong defensive game and with forced errors, created a see-saw effect in leader.

The sound of the whistle to end the quarter found both teams on equal goals, Mypolonga 29, Tailem Bend 29.

All players continued to work hard for their respective teams as they intercepted and refused any smooth passages of play. 

Mypolonga’s perseverance in determination allowed them to finally take control and edge of the game to win by five goals, Mypolonga 41, Tailem Bend 36.

Best players: Mypolonga – Kelsey Gepp, Kara Bolt; Tailem Bend – Melissa Edwards, Georgia Exton.

A reserves

Mypolonga came out firing and gave 100 percent and Tailem Bend looked lost. Within a few minutes Tailem Bend switched on and were into the game.

Mypolonga scored the first goal and another straight after from a strong intercept from Mypolonga’s Sarah Duell. Tailem’s goalers were able to get the ball into the circle and score.

Mypolonga’s tight defence throughout the court allowed them to turn over many balls. The second and third quarters saw Mypolonga driving strong and shooting well. 

Tailem’s defence was tight and made it difficult for Mypo’s goalies to get in a good position to put their shots up.

Coming into the last quarter the scores were 43-21 Mypo’s way and this just increased as the last quarter went on. Tailem Bend tried to keep up but Mypo’s delivery of the ball and strength in defence was just too much by the final buzzer.

The final score saw Mypologna win, 57-29.

The Nolan sisters had an excellent game and getting best players for Mypolonga.

Also, Kate Nolan was playing her 100th senior game for Mypolonga.

B grade

Mypolonga’s defenders in Sara Meneghetti and Zoe Dabinett played a pivotal role in the first quarter reading the play well and making it very difficult for the Eagles to find shooters in Kirsty Piggott and Nikita Capes.

The second quarter saw Mypo’s Kait Pascoe come out firing and nailing her goals shooting five in a row at one point,

She was backed up by Crystal Kluske’s height under the ring and these two are definitely a dynamic duo. V

ictoria Hughes and Hayley Smedley ran centre for their respective teams providing great drive down the court and feeds into their goalers.

The final quarter saw Mypo shut down the Eagles keeping them to just four goals for the quarter.

The final scores don’t show how close this game actually was and that the Tigers had to work hard all day in tough conditions to ensure they achieved a win.

The final score saw Mypolonga win, 45-22.

B reserves

Mypo won the toss, took the first centre pass and converted through goal shooter Holly Wachtel.

Jordan Lewis, goal defence for Mypo was reading the play well and took some early intercepts.

Both Tailem’s defence Amanda Martin and Lorraine Haebich communicated well putting pressure on Mypo’s goalers. 

In a tightly-contested quarter Tailem Bend were up by one at quarter time.

Mypo’s Hannah Marschall came out firing in the second quarter with hands over everything getting multiple turnovers, putting Mypo in front.

Mypo settled and created drive down the court with many options into their ring.

Tailem Bend’s Ebony-Brie Foster was watching play well, picking up loose balls and making clean intercepts.  Half time saw Mypo leading by 6.

The third quarter saw Mypo’s Dani Monjean in wing defence.

Her determination for the ball, picking up any lose balls and making clean intercepts gave her team a further lead.

Tailem’s Stacey Wilson new to goal attack shot confidently and accurately.

At three-quarter-time, Mypolonga were up, 28 to Tailem Bend’s 20.

Tailem continued to communicate well with Amanda Martin providing great voice for her team.

Mypo finished the game strong with accurate shooting by Wachtel to come home with a 20 goal win. The final score was Mypolonga 44 to Tailem Bend 24. 

Best players: Mypolonga - Hannah Marschall and Dani Monjean; Tailem Bend – Ebony-Brie Foster and Katie Aspel.

C grade

Mypo started well scoring the first three goals. Chloe Hutchesson, goal attack for Tailem Bend grabbed a rebound as it was going out of court shooting it up and it going in.

The first quarter was tightly contested and it ended up being pretty low scoring 5-2. Tailem Bend was much tighter this quarter with a tighter defence and less errors in their game Letisha Groves goal shooter Tailem Bend was very accurate closing the gap going into half-time 12-10.

It was a very tightly contested start to the third quarter.

Jordan Burgess, goal attack for Mypo. moved very well in the goal circle enabling her to have many shots at goal. 

Mypo’s work rate increased and were able to sneak away leading 20-13. Mypo kept the momentum going and continued to keep the pressure on the Tailem Bend side and were able to convert their opportunities. 

Mypo defenders Chloe Elliott and Akala Fran did a great job rebounding well and doing some great interceptions.

Mypo won, 31- 20.

Best players: Mypolonga - Akala Frahn, Catherine Challinger; Tailem Bend - Chloe Hutchesson, Letisha Groves.

17 and under

Tailem Bend won the toss and scored straight away through Paris Hoiland-Lang.

Mypo had some good defence with Holly McMahon and Demi Jenner taking advantage of any missed shots. 

However, Tailem Bend applied plenty of pressure to keep the ball in their attack. Tailem lead 13 to five at quarter-time.

Tailem seemed more settled from the first whistle and moved the ball confidently down the court.

Kaylah Schulz at goal defence read the ball well and got hands to plenty of ball. Mypo’s Chelsea Thurston provided good drive at wing attack.

Tailem’s attack moved the ball with ease down the court and their goalers both positioned well in the ring making easy scoring opportunities. At half-time the score was Mypo 9 to Tailem 21.

Both teams started the third quarter with some changes.

Kara Lewis was impressive at goal defence for Mypo, rebounding well and moving the ball back into Mypo’s attacking end.

Tailem continued to have more hunger for the ball and were chasing down any loose balls increasing their lead to 20 goals. Tailem started the final quarter confidently and extended their lead. 

Molly Maddaford at goal attack was shooting confidently and worked hard in the circle. Mypo continued to fight hard but it wasn’t enough. 

Tailem finished the game strong, pilling on another 11 goals to run out winners by 21, Mypo 26- Tailem Bend 47. 

Best players: Mypolonga – Kara Lewis and Chelsea Thurston; Tailem Bend – Molly Maddaford and Kaylah Schulz.

15U div 1

Tailem started with the first centre pass but was quickly intercepted by Mypo’s Kara Reed. Tailem then worked hard and turned over Mypo’s first centre. Courtney Bouzikos, Tailem Bend, moved and shot well for her team while their defenders made it difficult for Mypo shooters to convert. Shawna Denman, Mypo created good space and fed her goalers well going into the first break tied at 9-all, 9-9.

Tailem defenders continued to make things difficult in the Mypo goal third allowing their attackers to score three unanswered goals. Mypo lifted their defensive intensity as their attack line settled to get back into the game and go into half-time with a 5-goal lead, 18-13.

Mypo applied strong pressure all over court but struggled to convert. Tailem settled their attack line with good patches of play to decrease Mypo’s lead going into the final break only down by one, 22-21. Mypo came out firing to dominate the scoreboard at the start of the final quarter.

Tailem soon settled and responded to stay in the game with good movement by Daisy Maddaford. Tailem’s defence continued to put pressure on but the intensity of Mypo helped them to keep the ball moving into their goal circle. Tailem’s shooters continued to move well to get the ball into the goal circle and made the most of shooting opportunities. Both teams fought hard but Mypo had the intensity to run out the game winners, 37-28.

15U div 2

Mypo started strong with the first centre pass and quickly converted. Mypo’s Bella Schubert and Katie Hutchinson fed the ball well into their goalers. Great shooting by Mypo’s Sienna Daniell and MacKenzie Lindner made it difficult for Tailem’s defenders Calliee Kozikowski and Jessica Hand.

Tailem Bend goalers Daisy Maddaford and Rylee Gayford worked hard with accurate shooting by Daisy Maddaford. A good intercept from Katie Hutchinson again gave opportunity for Mypo’s goalies to score.

Violet Shepherd and Layne Clark created space for Tailem Bend in the midcourt, however Mypo’s defenders Haylee Brahaut and Georgia Martin managed to intercept making it difficult for Tailem goalers to score.

Mypolonga led 13-4 in the first quarter. Mypo’s Georgia Martin and Hayley Brehaut worked hard to create turnovers and bring the ball into their attack with Mypo converting. Tailem’s Jessica Hand and Layne Clark worked hard in defence, turning the ball over, however Tailem were unable to get the ball past Mypo’s defenders.

Bella Schubert and Bonnie Ashman had a good tussle in the midcourt, both contesting hard at the ball. Mypo more settled in the second quarter with great team work increasing their lead 26 to 5 at the half-time break.

Tailem Bend made some changes however Mypo’s mid court blocked Tailem Bend from driving down the court. Mypo’s defenders continued to apply the pressure blocking several passes into Tailem Bend’s goalies.  Daisy Maddaford at goal attack and Sophie Edwards worked tirelessly for Tailem Bend against a strong defence. 

Mypo’s pressure in the mid court forced Tailem Bend to make errors turning over the ball and converting yet again and Mypolonga led 43-9. Mypo’s midcourt continued to feed the ball well into their goalers. Tailem continued to work hard in the fourth, never giving up with Layne Clark at goal defence managing to deflect several of Mypo’s passes. Mypolonga playing a controlled game running away with a final score 52-12.

Best players: Mypo - Hayley Brehaut, Bella Schubert; Tailem Bend – Layne Clark, Bonnie Ashman.

13U div 1

The game started evenly-matched with good competition down the whole court. Mypo’s Claire Ruckensthul and Georgia Martin had great defensive pressure ensuring the Eagles had to work hard to provide scoring opportunities to their shooters in Chloe Small and Makaylah Ryman.

Tailem Bend found some momentum in the second quarter and with great drives down the court from Peyton Aspel and Sophie Edwards managed to gain a 9-goal turnaround to have a 7-goal lead at half-time. Mypo made some changes which enabled them to stay relatively even with the Eagles during the third quarter. 

Mypo’s Kady Reu played for the first time in goal keeper and earnt her spot taking numerous intercepts. The Eagles finished the game with a big last quarter, defenders Chloe Pitt and Emma-Lee Ryman managed to keep the Tigers to just two goals in the last quarter ensuring their team ran away with a big win. Tailem Bend won, 16-34.

13U div 2

Mypolonga won the toss and elected the centre pass.  All girls started well and spectators anticipated a good close game.  There was good ball movement through the centre court for both sides by Jade Burgess, Angelina Bates and Jasmine Bailey for Mypolonga and Banika Roach, Alanah Hartman and Amelia White for Tailem.  Goalies Teegan Ackland and Megan Clothier for Mypolonga and Olivia Tucker and Jessica Martin for Tailem where able to convert leaving the score locked in a tie, 6 all at the first break.

Second quarter saw Mypolonga get a jump with good efforts from Wing Defender Jess and Centre Hannah Schutz resulting in accurate goal throwing. Scores at the end of the quarter were 12 to Mypo and 9 to Tailem. Third quarter saw both teams make changes and Tailem fought back with good team work and accurate goal throwing. There were good second efforts by the defences Isabella Watkins and Jazzlyn Richardson for Tailem that were rewarded with goals. Scores at the end of the quarter 16 to Mypo and 15 to Tailem.

Fourth quarter saw Mypo settle and take the initiative and finish the game strong scores ending up being Mypo 23 and Tailem 16.

Best players: Mypolonga – Teegan Ackland, Jade Burgess; Tailem – Isabella Watkins, Jazzlyn Richardson

11U div 2

Mypo started the game with the first centre pass, both teams were working hard but Tailem was able to score the first goal. Mypo’s shooter’s Alexis and Alarah had to work hard to get in front with great defensive pressure from Tailem’s defenders Tahlia and Sarah. Tailem went into the second quarter leading 5-1.

Tailem started the quarter with great movement from Abbi and Skye in the mid court making Mypo’s Autumn and Ruby work hard to create pressure down the court. Mypolonga’s GK, Jacinta stuck to her player helping GD, Reagan get great intercepts however, Tailem still held the lead 8-3.

Both teams started off with great defence, Mypo and Tailem were both able to find space and bring the ball down the court well. Arial moved into GD and Autumn into GK for Mypo making Tailem’s shooters Ella and Casey work hard to get close to the ring but that didn’t stop them shooting with brilliant accuracy, they held onto their lead going into the last quarter 19-4.

Mypo’s tight defence had Tailem working hard to gain possession. Reagan moved back to GD and was taking intercepts to create great passages of play for Mypo. Tailem proved to be too strong for Mypo with a win 26-6.

Best players: Mypolonga - Alarah Sipos, Jacinta Clark; Tailem - Skye McFarlane, Ella Wilson.


Tailem Bend started with a strong centre pass lead from Georgia Nagel and Fallon Small. Both teams worked defensively. The first goal of the game scored by Mypo’s Ava Schubert and was then quickly responded by a goal from Tailem’s Small. The second half was well played with Tailem’s Lilah Dohnt scoring four consecutive goals to put them in the lead. Mypo centre Charlotte Pahl led well down the court working with Makayla Baker and Charlotte Patten.

To finish off the game both teams played very strong defence as no goals were scored either end. Tailem won, 3-7. Best players: Mypo – Cianna Watkins, Zoe Harrington; Tailem – Fallon Small, Ashlyn Klienig.



Saturday's cool conditions were perfect for the top-of-the-table clash between Imps and Ramblers, both undefeated so far this season. Both teams started the game strongly, with accurate passing and speed down the court. Imps goalers Jenna Daniels and Casey Gregory were working well using screens and quick passing to put the goals on the board.

Ramblers goalers used passes around the ring where Imps Ali Anderson got some good touches to help Imps to a 10-goal lead at quarter-time. Ramblers made some defensive changes going into the second quarter which proved costly. Imps had settled and Genna Harkness and Olivia Scholz used their speed to feed into the goalers, where Daniels and Gregory continued to show their finesse. 

Jessica Katae and Georgia O’Neil in Ramblers’ defence worked tirelessly to try and halt the margin, but Imps had stretched their lead at half time, leading 41-17.

The second half started differently - Imps made multiple changes while Ramblers put Georgia O’Neil back into WD and Jessica Hein hit the court again at GD. O’Neil took multiple intercepts in the centre to send the ball down into goalers Nicole Simon and Keneisha Siedel who had settled and were converting every opportunity. Ramblers chipped back into the game by nine goals.

Imps came out firing in the last quarter - after a loss of the third quarter, they had to prove themselves again. Liv Scholz was combining well with Casey Gregory in the goal ring with great accuracy, and Ali Anderson made an amazing impact at WD taking many intercepts.

Lucy Harkness and Crystal Williams in circle defence for Imps held Ramblers to just four goals in the final term, where Imps piled on 16 and ran away winners 64-37.

Best players: Imperials - Jenna Daniels, Ali Anderson; Ramblers – Georgia O’Neil, Nicole Simon.


Ramblers had the first pass and Imperials were  tight defensively creating a turnover to score the first goal. Steph Hagger, Imperials, was quick to gain deflections, combined with accurate passing by Molly Adler  and Chloe Roberts into goalers Larissa Schenscher and Abbey Fiegert, Imps were able to score quick goals, gaining confidence. Ramblers’ Lauren Jacobs and Megan Blacket were working hard but Imps goalers were accurate. Imperials overall pressure caused Ramblers to make unforced errors allowing Imps to capitalise on them and score leading 9-5 at the first break. Ramblers found their groove in the second and both teams were evenly-matched allowing Imps to only increase their lead by two. Both teams made changes at half-time. 

Imperials had Hagger and Adler picking up intercepts and goalers Fiegert and Sarah Crane shot well. Imps were able to find the space easier and were consistent in goals. Simone Cocks’ valuable leadership on the court combined beautifully with Adler to drive the ball into the goalers and score. Leah Williams and Hagger were making Maegan Hurford and Lucy O'Neil earn their goals. Imps lead 42 to 27. Ramblers Emily Burt was trying hard but Imps tight team defense and Chloe Roberts’ efforts allowed Imperials to push their lead out. The combination of Hagger, Williams, Roberts and Adler’s defensive work allowed Imperials to continue to pick off any loose balls. Fiegert was having a tight tussle with Blacket in the goal circle, but Imperials were able to brush off the pressure and run out winners 53-35.

Best players: Imperials Molly Adler, Leah Williams; Ramblers – Emily Burt, Maegan Hurford​.


Imperials converted the first pass through Lacey Williams, who, following a turnover by Crystal Crivellaro, scored again. After giving Imperials an early lead Ramblers settled with goals through Meshayla Shaw. Defenders Renay Kropinyeri and Wanda Shaw were rebounding any missed goal attempts by which saw goalers Shaw and Jessica Burt reward their efforts levelling the score at 8-all at quarter-time. Scoring in the second quarter was even with Imps adding 15 goals to Ramblers 14. Shaw and Burt had fewer opportunities to score but their accuracy kept scoreboard pressure on Imperials. Imps, through Williams took a 1-goal advantage into half-time. 

Both teams made changes to their line up, Belinda Michalik moved to GK, Christie Snell to WA, and Kim Perriman to centre while Wanda Shaw moved to GD to replace injured Kropinyeri, Kayla Trevorrow to GK and Latora Seidel to centre. These moves seemed to create more opportunities for Imperials. Michalik intercepted anything that came her way and closed down the avenue for Ramblers to enter the attacking circle. Perriman, wrestled the control of the midcourt from Sharnique and Latora Shaw. With the strong defence applied by Crivellaro and Michalik Ramblers struggled to score allowing Imps to extend their lead to 10 goals. The Seidel girls swapped positions in the midcourt for the final quarter and their efforts were rewarded by Shaw and Burt with accurate shooting reducing the lead to four goals but Imps regained composure to win, 44-36.

Best players: Imperials – Lacey Williams, Belinda Michalik; Ramblers – Meshayla Shaw, Sharnique Seidel


Imps started with the first pass with Brianna Penhall quickly converting a goal. Ramblers quickly replied with Krystal Weetra at GS holding great space. Imps went on to score the next two with great feeding from I Demi Dunn and Jordan Bretag. Imps led, 14-7 Imps way at quarter-time. Great defence from Imperials’ Jacinta Thompson made her opponent work hard for scoring opportunities. Jodie Jarvis come on at keeper in the second term keeping Ramblers to six goals for the quarter. Ramblers’ Sheniqua Shaw in defence worked hard. 

At half-time, the score was 24-13 Imps’ way. Madi Adler came on at WD and her defensive pressure helped to create turnovers, allowing Tina Penhall  to score three in a row. Ramblers’ Emma Paterson and Charlie Austin worked hard to feed the ball into their goals helping them recoup some goals. In the last term, both teams were determined to get the win. Mykala Ward took some flying intercepts and constantly backed her team up down the court which resulted in Carissa Penhall converting the turnovers to reward her team. Ramblers Danielle Marsh drove hard and shot well but it wasn’t enough with Imps taking the win, 46-32.

Best players: Imperials – Demi Dunn, Mykayla Ward; Ramblers – Sheniqua Shaw, Emma Paterson.


Imperials started with the centre pass and scored first l through Micala Gurney. Ramblers’ defence in Isobella Osborne and Charli Austin held up strongly which assisted Ramblers to take the lead 12-11 at the first break. In the second, teams went goal-for-goal until Ramblers pulled away late to set up a handy 26-20 lead. Both sides made several changes at half-time, however it was Imperials defence that applied the pressure through Casie Newell and Jodie Jarvis which saw them rebound many Ramblers attacks. 

Imperials midfield also gained the ascendancy and with strong passes set up their goal attack Tayla Dunning. Imperials lead 37-30 at the last break. Ramblers moved Jemma Chapman to goal attack for the last quarter and they responded immediately with her strong leads providing many centre passes. It was Imperials however, who continued to work well together as a team to outscore Rambers in the last quarter 11-6, and to take the hard fought game 48-36.

Best players: Imperials - Micala Gurney, Jodie Jarvis; Ramblers – Sharnie Crouch and Jemma Chapman.


Ramblers opened the match with the first goal. Imperials started with a new combination of Lucy Marsh in GA and Hannah Taylor GS they were both accurate and held their positions well. Imperials defence of Jayme-lee, Sophie Roberts and Cara Hameister was no match for Ramblers goalers Jemma Chapman and Lucy O’Neil. Emily DeMichele C provided good timing being a big asset to Imperials side and Laura Werner WA was feeding well into the goalers. 

Ramblers’ GD Annabelle O’Neil, GK Sheniqua Shaw and WD Alyssa Grove were picking up any lose balls around Imperials attacking line. Imperials came out firing in the third with a slight change bringing in Akout Chol to GK. Despite Jayme-lee WD, Sophie Roberts GD and Akout Chol GK picking off many passes around the ring, Imperials weren’t able to convert. However the combination of Jatora Siedel WA and Emily Burt C gave Jemma Chapman and Lucy O’Neil endless amounts of opportunities. Despite Imperials’ best efforts, Ramblers were able to take the win 29-42.

Best players: Imperials – Jayme-lee Mckay, Akout Chol, Hannah Taylor; Ramblers – Jemma Chapman, Annabelle O’Neil.

15U DIV 1

The game started with a Ramblers centre pass, however this was turned over quickly resulting an Imperial goal. Ramblers’ Alisha Barton shot accurately but with strong defensive pressure from Jordyn Ackland and Danielle Daish, Imperials where up 10-6 at quarter-time. Imperials made some changes in the second quarter bring Scarlett Cocks into GK and Ramblers swapping Abbey Lehmann into GD. 

Abbey Lehmann and Tasharia Shaw were working well together in the ring and great defensive pressure by Ramblers saw them take the lead at half-time, 16-18. 

Imps made changes coming into the third quarter bring Jordyn Ackland out into C and moving Zoey Roberts into GK. Zoey Roberts made great intercepts, but with Alisha Barton shooting with 100 percent accuracy this quarter Ramblers were able to stay on top, 21-27 going into the final quarter.

Imps came out determined putting Paige Buhson on in WA. Zoey Roberts and Danielle Daish took some great intercepts and Imperials where able to even the score quickly. The match went goal-for-goal  and Leticia McNicol applied outstanding pressure over the ball in a crucial moment of the game and shot a great goal for Imps putting them in the lead. Imperials won the game 33-31.

Best players: Imperials – Ella Carter, Letica McNicol; Ramblers - Abbey Lehmann, Eboni Taylor.

13U DIV 1

Ramblers had the first pass which they quickly converted but Imperials were quick to reply. Imps came out firing, playing one of their best quarters yet, taking it right up to Ramblers. With both teams sporting tall attacking line ups, the defensive ends were working hard to rebound any missed shots. Scores were 7-10 Ramblers’ way at the first break. Ramblers came out stronger and with great passages of play through their mid-court and accurate shooting they were quick to extend their lead.

Imperials made the most of chances in attack, with both shooters creating great drive and movement within the circle keeping the Ramblers defence on their toes. Ramblers extended their lead to 10 at half-time.

Imperials came out in the third term with still some fight to win, after an injury time was called for Imperials they were forced to make numerous changes mid way through the quarter which took time for the girls to adapt too. Ramblers took advantage of this and piled on an impressive 14 goals for the quarter with Imperials only shooting six. Ramblers came out with an impressive 23-goal win.

13U DIV 2

Imperials had the first pass, but Ramblers’ defence was strong and managed to get the first goal. Ramblers was in front with strong defensive work from Cheyanne Crawford and Ramblers’ tall defence kept Imperials from shooting. 

Ramblers were up by eight. When Imperials tried to get the ball down to their shooters Ramblers intercepted well and Ramblers extended their lead to 20 goals. Imperials had a big change on the court and started after half time with the centre pass, but Ramblers score the first goal and went on to lead by 32 goals at the last break. 

Ramblers’ score first in the last and despite Ramblers’ great defensive work Imperials finally scored a goal. But that didn’t stop Ramblers; they still put up a strong fight with great shooting from Olivia White and Charlotte Medale to win, 45-3.

Best players: Imperials – Cheyanne Crawford, Lilly Kenny; Ramblers – Chloe Allen, Olivia White.

11U DIV 1

Imperials won the toss and elected to shoot into the sun, leaving the first centre pass for Ramblers. Ramblers attacking combination, Porsha Marchetti and Rosie Vowles combined well to kick their team off to a flying start despite defensive pressure all over the court from Imperials. The score was at 2-7 Ramblers’ way at the first break.

Imperials’ centre Abby Harrowfield continued her determination at the ball and started the second quarter with numerous turnovers. Despite her efforts, Ramblers increased their pressure to counteract. Imperial goal shooter Gemma Cocks became a vital target throughout the second quarter shooting all of their goals. Ramblers extended their lead to nine at the main break.

Both teams made changes at half-time. Imperials brought Elise Franke back onto the court after leaving due to an injury time. Her determination combined well with Harrowfield’s which lifted the spirits of her team and allowed them to get a three-goal run to start of the third quarter. However, Ramblers continued to work hard in the attack and maintained their lead. The scores were 6-18 leading into the last quarter.

Both teams managed to keep their run throughout the court despite the lift in intensity. Ramblers goal attack, Marchetti, continued her strength moving into the attacking circle, providing a reliable scoring option. This left the scores at 9 to 25 at the final whistle in favour of Ramblers.

Best players - Imps: Abby Harrowfield; Ramblers: Porsha Marchetti


Imperials won the toss and started with the first centre pass for the game. Ramblers quickly turned over the ball and worked it down court well by showing good leading and passing. Ramblers showed great ball skills all quarter which resulted with them being in front at the end of the first quarter. All girls from both teams were excited to get back on court andthis was   evident through their enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Imperials players kept trying hard all game but struggled to get the ball into their goalies due to the strength of the Ramblers defence. Imperials made numerous changes to their side at half time and this proved helpful as they were able to get their first goal for the game. Ramblers kept playing with great skill level and accurate shooting to help them run away with a good win 10-2.


A grade

Meningie came out firing in the first quarter with Meningie’s Casey Reichelt taking an intercept off Mannum’s first centre pass which was converted by Marni Hood.

Meningie had three goals on the board before Mannum settled and scored through Amy Loechel.

Meningie played a confident style of netball and the mid court of Luci Steyn and Casey Reichelt were dominating.

Meningie were in front 16 to nine at quarter-time.

Mannum settled in the second and some great defensive work by Jemma Woollard saw her take a great intercept which Mannum converted.

Mannum’s centre Rachel Gassner was working hard up and down the court.

At half-time Meningie had extended the lead 33 to 20.

Mannum brought on Emily Paech to WD which created fresh legs for her side.

Meningie picked up its intensity in the third quarter and their goalers in Candice Love and Marni Hood scored some strong goals, despite being made to work hard by Mannum’s defenders in Sophie Kroehn and Jemma Woollard.

“Meningie picked up its intensity in the third quarter and their goalers in Candice Love and Marni Hood scored some strong goals, despite being made to work hard by Mannum’s defenders in Sophie Kroehn and Jemma Woollard.”

Meningie lead 52 to 34 at 3 quarter time.

The last quarter was a good battle with the pace of the game still at a good level.

Meningie’s defense in Jess Eichner, Kate Treloar and Bec Walsh had played a solid game and continued on in the last quarter.

Mannum’s Jasmine Woods had moved to GD and was playing a solid game for her side.

Meningie finished off the game well and ran out winners 65 to 44

Best players: Meningie –  Casey Riechelt, Luci Steyn; Mannum – Jemma Woollard, Rachel Gassner.

A reserves

Mannum started with the centre pass, however Laura O’Leary and Angel Budarick were strong in Meningie’s defence and turned the ball over resulting in Meningie scoring the first goal of the match.

Georga Wiebrecht was strong in goal keeper for Mannum however Meningie were up at the first break by 10 goals.

Mannum’s wing attack, Kady Poole provided strong lead down the court and fed well into Mannum’s goalers with Nicole Laranda and Taylor Poole.

Meningie were able to convert with intercepts through Angel Budarick and strong attacks from Annabelle Wright in centre. Meningie increased the lead at half time, 21 to 16.

The third quarter showed Mannum lift in their defence which made Meningie work for their scoring shots. 

Meningie’s April Brown provided run down the court in goal attack and efficient passes into goal shooter Jane Swan.

The three-quarter-time score was Meningie 47 to Mannum 26.

Meningie’s midcourt fed well into the goal ring providing multiple scoring shots.

Mannum’s defence work tirelessly through to the finale whistle; however Meningie came out on top.

Final score was Meningie 64 to Mannum 36.

Best players: Meningie – Angel Budarick, Jane Swan; Mannum – Georga Wiebrecht, Kady Poole.

B grade

Meningie came out very strong in the first quarter all players passing and shooting well.

The score at the end of the first term was 18-6, Meningie’s way.

Meningie centres changed with Meagan Lewis coming on to give Sally Morris a break.

Mannum’s defenders worked hard to try to shut Meningie’s goalers down with Georgia Whitehead and Emma Marles being on the money.

Mannum’s goalers Madison Muirhead, Zara Male both working hard through out the game.

At half-time, the scores were Meningie 28 to Mannum 18

Mannum defender Toni Berlin worked very hard for the whole game making the Meningie players work around the ring.

As they were passing in and out to get a better position, the Meningie goalers were a little off in the third  quarter score and the score at the last break was Meningie 40 to Mannum 38.

The last quarter saw Meningie doing a few wayward passes as a result many turnovers came Mannum’s way and Meningie had to work hard to get the ball back and still a little off their goals.

However, the Bears lifted and were much better the last 10 minutes of the game.

The final score was Meningie 50 to Mannum 38.

Best players: Meningie –  Shauna Chaplin, Emma Marles; Mannum – Nikayla Clark, Toni Berlin.

15 and under

Meningie opened the game with the centre pass and quickly converted with the first goal.  

In a tight contest across the court, both teams kept their cool under pressure and there were no loose balls.  

Tammin Clark at centre and Tiarnie Ling at wing attack for Meningie were a good match up to Cheyenne Gladigau at centre and Jacynta Clark at wing attack for Mannum.  

In a low scoring quarter, Mannum scored eight goals to Meningie’s six goals.

In the second quarter, Meningie swapped out Tammin Clark from centre to wing attack and Tiarnie Ling from wing attack to centre.  

Mannum made several changes across the court with Phoebe Wegner moving into goal shooter.  

Both teams went goal for goal, with all goalers and defenders having to work extremely hard in every contest.  

At half-time Mannum led one goal, 21 to Meningie’s 20 goals.

In the second half, Meningie moved Meaghan Lewis into goal keeper and Charli Medlow to goal defence.  

Mannum applied consistent pressure across the court and managed to open up their lead by three goals, finishing the quarter 31 goals to Meningie’s 28.

In the last quarter, Meningie bought Addison Swan onto the court at wing defence. 

Across the team, Meningie lifted and played strong defensive netball.  

Meningie was able to close the gap and the game intensified.

Mannum’s Elise Horstmann at goal defence made Meningie’s Imogen Allen at goal attack work for every shot.  

In a tight tussle, goal for goal, Mannum rant out winners 41 goals to Meningies 40 in a clean, tight game of netball.

Best players: Meningie – Tammin Clark, Tiarnie Ling; Mannum – Phoebe Wegner, Elise Horstmann.

13 and under

Meningie won the toss, took the first centre pass and managed to score. 

Mannum quickly took control and made many effective turnovers, with strong defenders, goal defence Tamika Sykes and goal keeper Briannah Griffiths dominating in the ring. 

Despite Meningie’s accurate shooting in the first Mannum were up 12-7.

Neither teams made changes in the second. Mannum continued to lead, picking up most of the loose balls and converting to goals. 

Mannum’s centre court players, wing attack Beth Reichstein, centre Narelle Griffith and wing defence Natalie Frahn fed the ball in well to their shooters goal attack Piper Wegener and goal shooter Mia Kluge. 

By half-time they had increased their lead by nine finishing the quarter 26-12.

Meningie made many changes in the third, attempting to fight their way back into game. 

There was some good ball chases through the centre, with Meningie’s centre Grace Gubbins and wing attack Chloe Retsas picking up a few allowing goal shooter Addison Swan and goal attack Jessica Turner to convert.  

Meningie’s goal defence Meaghan Lewis and goal keeper Dallas Merry had a strong influence in defence however, Mannum held strong to finish the quarter 36-18.

In the final Mannum continued on their winning way, proving they will be a force come finals time.

The full time score saw Mannum take a convincing win of 44 to Meningie’s 21.

Best players: Meningie –  Grace Gubbins, Addison Swan; Mannum – Piper Wegener, Briannah Griffiths

11 and under

The game commenced with Meningie taking control of the ball was great defensive play from Caitlyn Turner in goal attack and Katie Watson in wing attack. 

Whilst Meningie did very well with quick safe passing, Mannum’s attacking play from Zoey Hutchens in wing attacvk played a big part in getting the ball to goal attack Elouise Kuhn whose reliable shooting contributed to Mannum’s nine goal lead at the end of the quarter.

The second quarter saw Meningie’s goal shooter Emily Crouch , wing defence Zoe Kernick, and goal defence Lyla Jeffery come alive. 

Great defensive play from the team, and in particular Sierra Ridley, centre, and Caitlyn Turner at goal attack, held Mannum back. 

Meningie scored well to bring the half-time score to 10-5.

A bit of stray passing from Meningie allowed Mannum to take advantage and Mannum’s goal attack Elouise Kuhn and goal shooter Olivia Griffiths were the perfect duo scoring five goals. 

Meningie fought hard to defend with solid play from Serena Cormack in wing defence. 

Meningie didn’t quit and the quarter ended at 15-5.

In the last term, Mannum started well and scored first.

Whilst the Bears couldn’t close the gap great attacking play from Serenity Booth at goal keeper and defensive team work made Mannum work hard for the ball. 

A consistent effort from Mannum put eight more goals on the scoreboard resulting in a 23-7 win to the visitors.

Best players: Meningie – Emily Crouch, Katie Watson; Mannum – Elouise Kuhn, Kara Booth.


The game started very even with consistent play from both teams up and down the court. 

It wasn’t until late in the first quarter that Millie Cunneen shot Meningie’s first goal. 

Meningie’s Charlotte Terwel stopped the ball with her long arms in goal keeper and Hallie Sumner in goal defence provided support with some great intercepts. 

For Mannum, Sienna Grieger intercepted and moved the ball towards Mannum’s attack where Mia Reichstein was running fast and leading forward. 

In the second quarter Meningie’s Zanna Turner led well and showed improvement, Clara Swan chased loose balls and Elizabeth Cartledge passed well around the goal ring and scored another goal for Meningie. 

Mannum Isabele Morland defended and stuck tight on her player, Kianah Burns provided some great leads to work the ball to the ring and converted the Roos’ first goal. 

In the third quarter, Meningie made some changes and Gabrielle Swan came back on after being injured in the first quarter. 

Charlotte Terwel and Zanna played another strong term. 

Gabrielle Swan used her height and worked hard to move the ball to Meningie’s resulting in two goals, Shayla Hera-Singh intercepted and chased loose balls. 

The two centres Indigo Hincks and Mia Reichstein showed passion and fight for the ball.

Mannum’s Isabele Morland continued strong play through midcourt.

In the last quarter, Mannum’s Kianah Burns and Emaline Wilkinson, both first year players, were showing great strength in their game and Mia Reichstein played with passion. 

Meningie 5, defeated Mannum, one.

Goals: Meningie – E Cartledge 2, M Cunneen 1, G Swan 1, H Sumner 1; Mannum – Kianah Burns 1

Best players: Meningie – Gabrielle Swan, Zanna Turner; Mannum – Emaline Wilkinson, Isabele Morland.