A local school choir is about more than just singing by providing a space for students to be nurtured

A heavier focus on relationship, comradery and belonging in the school choir at Murray Bridge South Primary School has taken place says SMG pastoral care worker Rachel Titley since she was asked to take it over. 

“The students taking part part are learning how to be better team members and how to be leaders, taking turns to set up the room for practice, preparing for the session and conducting from the front with another leader,” she said. 

New friends

Year 6 student Krystal said she enjoyed singing in the choir and the great opportunities it gives her to meet new people.

“I have made a couple of new friends that are not in my class, and I have learned that no one is going to judge you,” Krystal said.

The choir recently performed at the Murray Bridge ANZAC Day memorial service and prior to the event students had the opportunity to hear stories from local veterans and to have any questions they might have answered.

The children learnt about the impact of war and were made aware of the freedom that resulted due to their sacrifice.

Sense of community

School principal Stuart Kitto said it was important for the children to have a sense of community and the choir gives them a chance to be involved. 

“The kids see themselves as part of something that is bigger than what they are, that they are wanted and valued, and able to contribute in a way that is accessible to them by singing in a larger group,” Mr Kitto said.

Federal Government

SMG executive director Angela Jolly welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement to renew its commitment to the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP).

“This is great news for children, young people, schools and families across the Murraylands and South Australia,” she said.

“School chaplains form a vital part of a school’s wellbeing and support team. 

“It is a service that is endorsed by school principals and school communities, with demand for the service exceeding what we can supply.”

More than just singing

Rachel enjoys supporting the students at the school and explained that the choir is not just about singing and performing.

“These kids need spaces to belong, to be loved, to be encouraged and nurtured.”