Murray Bridge tree management framework excludes fruit species

Risk: A fruit fly. Photo: NSW Department of Primary Industries.
Risk: A fruit fly. Photo: NSW Department of Primary Industries.

For anyone wondering why our streets are not lined with fruit trees, Biosecurity SA has an answer.

Fruit which was not harvested would attract fruit flies, the agency warned the Murray Bridge council in response to a question from Councillor Clem Schubert.

Is it such a silly idea to have fruit trees in some areas?

Cr Clem Schubert

Similar problems were cropping up at abandoned orchards in the Adelaide Hills.

Slippery fallen fruit and the need for herbicide spraying would both be risky to the public, council staff added, and Murray Bridge's road verges were high in lime which would inhibit the trees' growth.

The idea arose as councillors approved a framework for tree management at their April meeting.

As well as setting target heights and widths for trees in different positions – on a roadside, a median strip and so on – the framework lists the species which will be preferred for any future plantings.

They include eucalyptus species native to the Murray Bridge district, red bottlebrushes, ornamental plum and pear trees, wattles, jacarandas and a number of other species already growing along local streets.

Cr Theo Weinmann also asked if council workers could be directed not to plant tall trees anywhere they would shade household solar panels.