RMFL match report: Jervois v Meningie, June 2, 2018

Bested: Jervois lost to Meningie by 29 points on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

Bested: Jervois lost to Meningie by 29 points on Saturday. Photo: William Bailey.

A cracker of a day it was at Jervois for the Bluds-Bears clash.

Meningie got the first centre clearance and had several repeat entries into the 50, but could only manage a behind.

Jervois then settled, but couldn’t score either.

Meningie scored the first major five minutes in.

They had another shot soon after, but it was rushed for a behind; then they held the ball inside their 50 for yet another behind.

Jervois then had their first real opportunity, getting the ball deep inside their 50, but a snap at goal missed.

It was five minutes before either side got another shot on goal – the Bluds missed again.

The Bears then took the ball from defence to attack, where Brodie Martin snapped a major.

Jervois had the next opportunity, but Tommy Kluske couldn’t kick straight on the run.

They then had several repeat entries into their 50, but could only manage two more behinds for the quarter.

Meningie got the first two shots of the second quarter for two behinds, then Jervois took the ball from defence to attack and Zane Barry goaled on the run from 40.

Meningie got a quick reply after Harrison Slee got a holding the ball free 40 metres out, bringing the lead back to 11; then Scott Biddle gave the Bears two in a row.

The Bluds got the ball out of the centre and into their 50, but couldn’t score.

The ball was then played up and down for several minutes until Ryan Willits goaled for the Bluds after marking 45 metres out directly in front.

The Bears managed a quick reply from Scott Biddle and at half time held a 16-point lead, 5.4.34 to 2.6.18.

Meningie put on two behinds to start the third before Brodie Martin finally kicked straight from 20 metres out.

When 27 got the next goal after being awarded a holding the ball free 10 metres out, their lead was 30 points.

Jervois replied quickly through Tate Silverlock.

Meningie then put on another four behinds and the score halfway through the quarter was 7.9.51 to 3.6.24.

The Bluds got the next goal when Jakob Rushe crumbed a soccer goal through from 15 metres out.

But the Bears put on four more goals for the quarter – three to Brodie Martin and one to Peter Nelson – and blew their lead out to 48 points at three quarter time.

Meningie got the first centre clearance  of the last quarter and Timothy Hartman got on the end of a chain of handballs to goal from 40 metres out on the run.

Peter Nelson goaled soon after to give the Bears a 60-point lead and the Bluds little hope of a comeback.

They actually put on the last five goals of the game to get the margin back to 29 points, 13.12.90 to 9.7.61, but it was too little, too late.

Best for Meningie were Scott Biddle, who kicked three goals and was great in the middle, while Martin kicked five as the dominant forward on the ground.

Zane Barry and Justin Hardy were lively up forward for Jervois, kicking five between them, while Luke Kluske performed well.