Murray Bridge composer Jesse Budel immerses audiences in surround sound reflections on Long Island, Mobilong | VIDEO

Jesse Budel is exploring the space where nature ends and music begins.

The local composer headlined a concert of "surround sound works" which were played from a computer through an immersive eight-speaker set-up, rather than being performed, at Murray Bridge Town Hall on Sunday.

Budel's works Long Island and Mobilong, each with a running time of 10-12 minutes, mixed recordings of local birdsong, outboard motors and ambient sounds with a piano and string instruments which mimicked or counterbalanced those recordings.

The works were generated partly at random, introducing different sounds at different moments according to the whims of an algorithm.

"I think that's the important thing when you're working in an environmental context," Budel said.

"Instead of creating a fixed product, you're embracing the way things happen in nature.

"Maybe people (impacted by the work) will choose different ways of engaging in the space."

The final product resembled a highlights package from hours or days of sound recording, the soundtrack to a postmodern short film with the pictures missing.

Other works on the program more explicitly headed in the direction of movie soundscapes.

Lucas Marshall Smith's Utterance was filled with threatening rumbles, creaking doors and knocking pipes which transported listeners to an imaginary space, distant and artificial.

David Nguyen's Misprints gave an impression of a busy intersection in a futuristic city.

The event also featured works by Murray Bridge's Alex Rodhe and ex-pat Josh Warry, now living in Ireland.

The same concert was presented at the University of Adelaide on May 19.

Immersed: Jesse Budel composes himself on Sunday. Photo: Peri Strathearn.

Immersed: Jesse Budel composes himself on Sunday. Photo: Peri Strathearn.