Life Through the Lens: Every door opens a world of possibility

Image: Kevin Schrapel.

Image: Kevin Schrapel.

As you pull the door handle of your car, what is on your mind?

“I am going to…”

“Will I get there on time?”

“This is a powerful piece of automobile, but I am in control.”

You are until something goes wrong.

You turn your front door handle; what are you expecting, if anything;or is it just a mechanical action, done so often you don’t even think about it?

How important are door handles?

Those handles open more than doors.

They open all manner of possibilities: some good, some bad and some … well, who knows?

I believe at the start of every day, in every new situation, the God of the Bible is saying, “Here’s a special door I planned just for you.

“If you let me, I would love to help you explore and understand what you find; to help you with the situations I have put there so that you will grow in confidence, understanding, loving, better to enjoy, use and share all that you find there and become a fuller person.”

Next time you put your hand on the car door, spare a thought about inviting God to be a passenger.

Turning the front door key, consider those who maybe don’t even have a front door and thank Him that you do.

Check out Jesus and doors in the Bible: John chapter 20, verses 19-28.

I pray the handles you turn this week will make your life fuller and enrich those around you.

Kevin Schrapel