SA Water advises of roadworks taking place on Swanport Road from this week on

Motorists are urged to be wary of road works currently being undertaken on Swanport Road.

SA Water have begun work to install sections of new water main to link residents between Mulgundawah Road and Joyce Street, into the existing water main under Swanport Road.

The works are part of a $137 million investment over four years to renew around 375,000 metres of water main across the state. 

SA Water’s general manager of asset operations and delivery Mark Gobbie said the new pipe sections, totalling 53 metres in length, are needed because an existing water main is being decommissioned after recent breaks and leaks. 

“We can’t completely stop breaks and leaks from happening, because they’re often triggered by weather or soil movements, but we’re fully committed to reducing their incidence and impact on our customers,” Mr Gobbie said. 

“This new section of pipe will be made of PVC, which is more flexible and more resistant to the movement caused by the area’s reactive soils compared to the existing, rigid cast iron and fibro-cement pipes.”

The expected life span of the new and existing mains is 100 years.

Time of works

Road users are advised that the main replacement will take about three weeks to be completed.

It is also advised that construction will typically be undertaken between 9.00am and 3.00pm from Monday to Saturday, to minimise the impact on local areas, including the hospital. 

“We’ve been working closely with the local hospital and the nearby nursing home to keep them informed about the project,” Mr Gobbie said. 

“We’ll also give local residents advance notice of temporary water supply outages that will be required when we cut over the old and new pipes.

“Please be alert to changed traffic conditions in the area, which will be in place for the safety of road users, pedestrians and our workers.”