River Murray netball preview, round 10, 2018: Defining battle looms

Poised: Ramblers' Kenisha Seidel lands with the ball during a recent RMNA match. Photo: William Bailey.

Poised: Ramblers' Kenisha Seidel lands with the ball during a recent RMNA match. Photo: William Bailey.

Over the past few years people have asked what I believe makes a good player, my reply has always been “do you want to know what makes a good player or a complete player?”

Other than all the physical attributes that anyone would expect of a good player; a good player is also one who generally is a little or a lot selfish in certain ways, they like to play only one or two positions only and don’t like to be moved elsewhere.

They are generally totally focused on their own game, how to perform at their best within the position they are playing and also generally like to be left within their own thoughts.

Within these guidelines they generally can perform at their best as they see it, and believe that they can then give their coach and team the best that they have.

A complete player will also give the same dedication as a good player but will perform no matter where they are asked to play; they will have a good honest go at any position no matter the bib they wear.

They are not just focused on themselves but also can give all that they can to others around them, and will be vocal and supportive in every area of play, be it attacking or defending.

A complete player will make a genuine effort to learn all aspects of the game, every position, all the rules, do some umpiring even maybe coach a junior grade or manage a team.

By doing these other requirements they get to look at the game from every perspective, every angle and by understanding all aspects they then become a complete player.

Personally I would rather coach a team of complete players than a team of just good players, because then as a coach I know my team will give all that I ask, if not more and will walk away from any game regardless of the result knowing they enjoyed the last hour and a half doing something they love.

Round 10 tip: Enjoy what you do within the game; no matter the choice, the satisfaction can be so much more than expected.

Senior playing times: 12.45pm – A grade, B grade; 2pm – A reserve, B reserve; 3.15pm – C grade.

Mypolonga v Jervois

Mypolonga, sitting in equal third on the premiership table, will play host to Jervois this week.

The Tigers are fast becoming a settled team with a good combination of player skills in which coach Sandy Gates can rely on.

Mypolonga’s goalies are starting to combine as a seasoned combination of skilled accurate shooters, who are prepared to give all that they can each and every week.

Lexi Blight has returned this season from what to some would have been a career-ending injury, but Blight has worked hard to earn her spot in this team. A fitter player with good body strength, she is one determined opponent, no matter who she must face on the day.

When she is feeling confident her accuracy is unquestionable and she works extra hard to work well with her team-mates no matter whom and in what position - she is a definite team player.

Blight will probably be stood by Jervois’ Kylie Mathewson, who is one totally committed Bluds player.

She will work hard at turning ball over as much as she can, she will never back away from any contest, and will make her opponent earn each and every shooting opportunity.

With good vision and a solid ability to read play the contest between these two players will be very interesting indeed.

Both teams will give a determined effort to win this week, Mypolonga to secure another step up on the ladder, Jervois to keep the improvement momentum going.

Played in the land of the Tigers, this game will give the Black and Gold another two points.

Mannum v Imperials

Mannum will welcome Imperials this week to their riverside town.

Mannum has struggled for any dominance so far this season as the club re-builds its A grade team, and this week against Imperials will not help them in their objective.

This game will be a challenge for any combination Mannum coach Nicky Smith chooses to play.

Everyone will know this game will probably go to the Blues, so how Smith best use this game to benefit her team, that is the decision she will focus on the most this week.

Each Roo player can expect to stand one of the best opponents they will come up against this season, so how does each strive to be better than her opponent - by learning all that they can from the experience of standing that player and watching each and every move within their area of play.

Individual goals should be the objective of each Mannum player this week, forget the score and concentrate on personalised targets and as each target is achieved, the gap between both teams will be reduced.

Imperials will be quite happy with how they are progressing so far this season, no one team has challenged them across all positions yet this year.

What they must do as a team is not be lulled into a position of over confidence, so coach Carrie Daniels could also benefit herself and her side by setting individual objectives to keep them focused on what is to come at the end of the minor round - and in readying themselves for the finals competition.

Make no mistake while Mannum are rebuilding this will be another win to Imperials.

Meningie v Ramblers

In this match of the round, Meningie will play host to Ramblers down in the land of the Bears.

Last time these two teams met the score see-sawed between both teams at each break with the final result a one-goal win to Ramblers.

The big thing from round three was that Meningie coach Matt Hood was missing but that won’t be the case this week, so for the first time this season we will see how our two male coaches line up against each other.

Both of these two teams are convincing in their best attributes on how to take out a win, so the battle this week will be very interesting.

Both teams have strengths and weaknesses - the question is – do their opponents know what they are?

Rambler coach Mark Dougall has the advantage over Meningie coach Hood, as he has seen the Bears play first hand, while for Hood this week will be the first chance he has to see the new look Ramblers and their coach in action.

Goals for both teams will be an area of play where they will want to dominate, no matter whether it is as an attacking or a defending team.

Players to watch for Meningie will be Marni Hood in goals – In her last game against Jervois she shot with great accuracy.

For Ramblers, Kenisha Seidel can be just as accurate, the difference between the two is the air space both excel in, Hood loves ball up in the air while Seidel loves the ball low and direct.

Can their two opponents combat these strengths, everyone will have to wait and see.

Also one to watch for Meningie is Jessica Eichner; no matter the position she takes on she is one determined player.

In her last match against Jervois she played not only in defence but also in at centre, after watching that game I must wonder how this week’s game will go should Eichner stand Rambler long time centre Nikki Dougall, now that would be a contest worth watching.

These two clubs are very settled in their own “skins”, and both coaches make very few changes each week, unlike clubs such as Imperials and Mypolonga.

Who will settle first usually is a good indication as to who will control and run out winners, but for both of these teams the first quarter win means very little, as both teams have shown  they are prepared to give all that they can, right down to the final whistle.

With Ramblers currently sitting in second spot, a win this week will give them the chance to sit equal top with Imperials.

It is hard to see anything but the best one can expect from the Roosters this week.

Meningie, however, will not agree, so one can expect to see the very best the Bears can give this week and with the one-goal loss last time as motivation, it is hard to see Meningie settling for less than victory this time around.