Sports results, June 14, 2018

Captain: Lachlan Richardson was named best on ground for the Mallee in its interleague clash with the Hills division two on the weekend. Photo: William Bailey.

Captain: Lachlan Richardson was named best on ground for the Mallee in its interleague clash with the Hills division two on the weekend. Photo: William Bailey.

Murray Bridge Golf Club

Men’s competition

Club captain Patrick Secker won pretty well everything in the Stableford comp last Saturday when he gave no-one else a look-in with his massive 43-point score.

Not long back from a big holiday overseas, Paddy will be able to recoup some expenses after being the overall winner as well as taking out the pro comp, the yabbie and the NTP on the 11th.

Now that is what you call a day out for this most unpredictable of golfers!

Craig Hogben is on a roll – he backed up last week’s victory with another cracking round of 39 points, which won him the A grade from newly re-joined member Aidan Elliott, who has begun his second stint at the club after seven years away.

After a couple of warm-up rounds in the past few weeks, Aidan has remembered what it is all about and shot a fine 37 points to be the runner-up.

In a bit of an anomaly it only took 34 points to win the B grade, which would have pleased Tom Haig no end as he emerged on top by way of a count back over Greg Schmidt.

Hmm, strange days indeed.

Paul McCulloch waltzed away with the C grade when he blasted out 40 points, which included an incredible 24-point back nine.

One has to be a tad unlucky not to win the pro comp with a back nine this good but captain Secker matched this tally and nailed Paul in a tight count back just for good measure.

Rob Magor found form with a solid 36 points and was runner-up.

Others to do well and feature in the prize rundown were 36-point scorers Mark Bolton, "Buckets" Jackson and Mario Grande.

Mario sizzled early when he birdied the second, third and fourth holes in succession – a rare feat for any golfer at our club.

On top of that Mario won the NTP for both the second and fourth holes for his great shots.

The rest of the voucher winners all scored 34 points with those being Andrew Meddle, Eric Williams, Bill Mashado, Randall Cocks, Troy Penhall and Paul Harding.

Dave Graham did not feature but deserves a mention anyway for his birdie on the long par three sixth.

After dribbling his tee shot into the garden bed just left of the tee block he certainly took advantage of his free drop by chipping his iron shot about 150 metres straight into the hole!

No putter needed here for Dave.

Time for a Par comp this Saturday. 

Women’s competition

Barb Smyth played a personal best game in the par round of golf on Tuesday, June 12.

She took her time and was rewarded with good ground strokes and putting to win the day with a score of minus 2.

Maureen Johnson was the first of the open place-getters, also with a score of minus 2 but beaten on a count back.

Bev Magor continued her consistent run to be the final place-getter with a score of minus 3.

There were no nearest the pins again this week.

Saturday, June 9 was a Stableford round and was won by Wendy O’Connor from the North Adelaide Golf Club with a score of 32 points.

Sue Antel played steadily all day to score 31 points and she was the first open place-getter, followed closely by Ady Wright on 30 points.

Dates to remember: $100 Club – tickets available from the bar until August 5. Rump and red night – July 14.

Combined Churches Indoor Bowling Association

The Combined Churches Indoor Bowls Association premiership season continued on Friday night to complete the second round.

Monarto Lutheran were at home to Mypolonga Fellowship and came away with a win, 7-103 to 5-108.

Two-game winners for Monarto Lutheran were Keith and Max Paech.

This pairing defeated Jasamine Irvine and Theo Weinmann in the first round 8-5 where they hung on for a win after their opponents came home with a late run.

In the other game they defeated Doris Klenke and Ben Traeger 7-4.

Two-game winners for Mypolonga Fellowship were Greg Traeger and Daniel Irvine and Max Klenke and Terry Franklin.

Traeger and Irvine defeated Justin and Robert Day in the first game 8-7, where the teams were tied going in to the last end.

In the second game they defeated Jordyn Day and Ian Pumpa in another very tight game, 10-9, where they scored multiple shots at the end of the game to overtake their opponents.

Klenke and Franklin defeated Roger Waldhuter and Yvonne Mills 14-5 in the first game even though their opponents scored late in the game to close the margin.

In the second game they defeated Eleanor Waldhuter and Heather Day 11-4 after starting the game with three shots and closing it with the same result.

The biggest winning margin for the night was Anna and Wayne Day’s over Klenke and Traeger in the first game: 19-5.

In the other match Murray Bridge Uniting defeated Salem Lutheran 9-139 to 3-85.

Two-game winners for Murray Bridge Uniting were Yvonne Mach and Neville Rawlins, Merle and Aiden Rawlins and Olivia Doutre and Alec Burgemeister.

Mach and Rawlins defeated Roger Farley easily in the first game 17- 5.

In the second game they had another big win, 13-4 against Jan Farley and Peter Hart.

The Rawlins pair defeated Peter Jaensch and Lyndon Farley in the first game 10-7.

They only allowed their opponents the same total in the second game to defeat Merv Joppich and Aileen Martin 13-7.

Doutre and Burgemeister defeated Caitlin Armstrong and Katrina Klemm in a close first game 7-6.

In the second game they defeated Charlotte and David Klemm 14-4.

The biggest winning margin of the night was by Dawn Hoffman and Colin Rawlins in the first game when they defeated Farley and Hart 17-4.

The players will take a short break next week before the open singles tournament the week after.

The premiership table at this stage of the season is: Murray Bridge Uniting 10 points, Mypolonga Fellowship 8, Monarto Lutheran 6 and Salem Lutheran 0.

Murray Bridge Rifle Club

On Saturday the Murray Bridge Rifle Club contested the 22nd stage of the club championship over 1000 yards at Monarto.

Little or no wind greeted the shooters but the greater distance caused scores to be low.

No shooters managed possibles in any discipline.

Top off-rifle and a clear winner in A grade was Robert Paech with a pair of 49s to record 98.9.

This score gave Paech the handicap win for the afternoon.

Jasamine Irvine was the winner in B grade with 90.7.

Jim Caspers was the winner for the second week in a row in F class standard A with 104.2.

David Hindmarsh shot consistently to record a win F class standard B with 107.4.

This great score gave Hindmarsh the handicap win in F class.

Adrian Conlon recorded another win in F class open to be top off-rifle with 112.7.

The sighters’ awards were won by Daniel Irvine in full bore with 17.1, Hindmarsh in F class standard with 20.1 and Steve Wuttke in F class open with 20.0.

The magpie awards were fiercely contested with Daniel Irvine scoring four in full bore and Peter Byass scoring three in F class to win the respective awards.

TR: R Paech 49.6, 49.3, 98.9, 3, 110; J Irvine 44.4, 46.3, 90.7, 12, 109; D McDonald 46.2, 44.4, 90.6, 11, 107; D Irvine 47.3, 39.1, 86.4, 15, 105; G Harrison 46.2, 42.1, 88.3, 7, 98; A Heard 39.1, 45.2, 84.3, 7, 94.

F class: D Hindmarsh 51.1, 56.3, 107.4, 14, 125; A Conlon 55.2, 57.5, 112.7, 2, 121; P Casley 48.1, 52.4, 100.5, 11, 116; J Caspers 54.0, 50.2, 104.2, 9, 115; N Edwards 54.1, 50.0, 104.1, 9, 114; T Brown 43.1, 53.2, 96.3, 9, 108; I Elston 51.2, 51.0, 102.2, 4, 108; S Wuttke 48.0, 53.2, 101.2, 5, 108; F Marshall 45.1, 50.2, 95.3, 8, 106; P Byass 43.0, 43.0, 86.0, 13, 99; W Halliday 45.0, 37.0, 82.0, 13, 95.

Mannum Golf Club

Two-ball Ambrose competition, June 9

Glen Thompson/Greg Lindeberg 65, Geoff Bormann/Greg Hill 68.75, Jeff Applebee/Richard Scriven 70.5, Peter Temme/Peter Joyner 70.75, Bob Silcock/Ian Bradcock 72.5

4 and 13: nearest the pin Ian Bradock, longest putt Glen Thompson

6 and 15: nearest the pin Ian Bradcock, longest putt Peter Joyner

Stableford competition, June 12

Gregory Lindeberg 34, Robert Officer 27, Peter Joyner 27, William Banks 27, Kevin Bretag 26, Jeff Applebee 24, Richard Scriven 22, Adrian Davis 22

4 and 13: nearest the pin Greg Lindeberg, longest putt Adrian Davis

6 and 15: nearest the pin Robert Officer, longest putt Richard Scriven

Murray Bridge Racing Club

June 11

Apart from one short period of rain, the day was fine, with lots of people enjoying a day at the Murray Bridge races.

Race 1: #1 Abebe (Eric Musgrove, ridden by Martin Kelly), #5 Pentomatic (Eric Musgrove, ridden by Lee Horner), #7 Pentelligentsia (Steven Pateman, ridden by Paul Hamblin), #4 Surging Wave (Steven Pateman, ridden by Richard Cully)

Race 2: #4 Mystic Prince (Eric Musgrove, ridden by Martin Kelly), #1 Urban Explorer (Eric Musgrove, ridden by Lee Horner), #2 Cable Bay (Shane Oxlade, ridden by Darryl Horner jr), #5 Tunes (Grant Young, ridden by Jackson Matthews)

Race 3: #6 Gorille (Jake Stephens, ridden by Todd Pannell), #7 Hungry for Love (Simon Bates, ridden by Justin Potter), #9 Don’t Doubt It (Niki O’Shea/Ashton Downing, ridden by Jason Holder), #5 Fox by Zerprise (Kylie Huxtable, ridden by Paul Gatt)

Race 4: #6 Wilander Princess (Nicole Bruggemann, ridden by Krystal Bishop), #4 Pandeia (Grant Young, ridden by Raquel Clark), #2 Just Kappy (Brian Mueller, ridden by Jason Holder), #7 Phantom Date (Mick White, ridden by Justin Potter)

Race 5: #1 Bolt I Am (David Jolly, ridden by Kayla Crowther), #10 John’s Strategy (David Aldridge, ridden by Alfred Chan), #5 Strewth (Jake Stephens, ridden by Todd Pannell), #3 Rodney (Grant Young, ridden by Dom Tourneur)

Race 6: #2 Borris in Ossory (Grant Young, ridden by Todd Pannell), #5 Time Rogue (Richard Jolly, ridden by Kenny Lau), #3 Cool Frenzy (Kylie Huxtable, ridden by Shane Cahill), #1 Ancient History (Dean Saxon, ridden by Kayla Crowther)

Race 7: #4 Morvada (Peter Jolly, ridden by Kayla Crowther), #2 Little Akie (Brian Mueller, ridden by Dylan Caboche), #9 Sandhill Warrior (Sam Turner, ridden by Sairyn Fawke), #8 Federal Court (Lloyd Kennewell, ridden by Alfred Chan)

Race 8: #9 Exalted Dee (Grant Young, ridden by Dom Tourneur), #13 Old Farm Road (Talia Harrison, ridden by Kenny Lau), #3 Let’s Tango (Sue Nolan, ridden by Todd Pannell), #4 Mullinger Lane (Kirsten Mooney, ridden by Paul Gatt)

Murray Bridge Darts Club

Semi finals

A grade

Mannum Club 10 d Razorbacks 8, Shafted 10 d Oche Holics 6. 180s: Victor Flett x 2, Mark Smyth x 2, Adam Searl x 2, Martin Rose, Cain Sumner, Barb Smyth, Jonny Kay, Ian Brown. High peg outs: Craig Atze 150, Cain Sumner 146, Barb Smyth 126 & 112, Mark Kluske 104

B grade

Firecrackers 7 d Sandfly's 4, White Hill Wabbits 7 d All Bull 4. 180s: Craig Lumsden. HPO: Jason Oliver 105, Chook 80, Kevin Mattingly 68, Cooper Dolman 58, Peter D 56.

Consolation Cup

Exhausted 7 d Devils 6, Bushrangers 7 d River Chargers 4.