Karoonda East Murray council are focusing on financial feasibility under the 2018/19 draft budget

Karoonda East Murray council have set their sights on returning to surplus by 2020 through their 2018/19 annual business plan and budget, which focuses on improving and maintaining existing infrastructure, reviewing council assets and services and aims to develop strong economic strategic plans.

Under the 2018/19 plan, $1,472,640 will be spent on improving and maintaining the district’s roads, including updating and improving intersections on routes used by heavy vehicles.

Council chief executive officer Matthew Morgan said the 2018/19 plan and budget will put council in a strong financial position for the years ahead.

“2018-19 will be a year for strategic planning, wins in service delivery and identifying cost savings and efficiencies,” he said.

“We need to ensure we can position ourselves to start delivering the long-term community vision, which will ensure the region can sustainably position itself to thrive and prosper into the future.

“As that vision develops, council will be conducting significant community consultation to engage local residents and give them a say in the future of our region.”

Council have proposed general rates will increase by five per cent, under their draft rating policy.

The plan will also see the introduction of an annual kerbside waste management fee of $200, which Mr Morgan said was necessary for council to recoup costs towards the costly regional waste collection service.

“Currently, the cost to council of waste collection is around $120,000 and the fee will only raise $80,000,” he said.

“In the year ahead council will be undertaking a full waste management review to determine the viability of current waste services and also the Karoonda landfill site.”

Mr Morgan said it was crucial for future financial growth that existing council services be put under the spotlight to have their feasibility reviewed.

“Responsible financial management and a ‘long term view’ over the following two years will pay dividends and current economic forecasts are that council could potentially return to surplus in 2020.”

Proposed capital works for the 2018/19 year will include:

  • Re-sheeting of 34kms of unsealed roads – $1,410,640
  • Storm water works in front of Karoonda Area School – $140,000
  • Safety modifications to kerbing and the school’s bus parking area – $40,000
  • Safety improvements in heavy vehicle routes – $62,000
  • Upgrades to community wastewater management system (CWMS) to allow water re-use for irrigation – $65,000
  • Continued beautification works in Railway Terrace – $25,000

$210,000 will also be contributed by council to the Karoonda Area School pool development. 

Council is seeking feedback on its draft 2018-19 annual business plan and budget rating policy with community consultation open on June 14 until 5pm, July 4. 

Full details on how to complete a submission, or write a response via post or email are available on www.dckem.sa.gov.au