RMFL reports, round 10, 2018: Michael O’Malley, Ben Quast go head-to-head in 150th games | PHOTOS

Playing coach Michael O’Malley took the field in his 150th senior game for the Mannum Roos and Ben Quast did the same for Imperials.

Mannum won the toss and began kicking to the northern end in a match played in trying conditions.

Imperials made the first clearance through Dylan Hollitt, which was cut off in their forward lines by O’Malley.

The ball was then sent into Mannum’s attack, where the first goal was scored by “Spider” Everette Giles.

Scrappy play continued before Gene Robinson passed to Korey Loechel, who scored Mannum’s second.

This was closely followed by Jack Woollard scoring Mannum’s third.

There was good contested footy by both teams, mainly in Imperials’ forward 50.

Poor kicking from Imperials cost them four goals by the end of the quarter.

At quarter time Mannum led 3.1 to Imperials’ 0.5.

Jacob Rance scored the first goal for Imperials five minutes into the second quarter.

This was closely followed by a missed opportunity by Brad Lienert, but he soon made up for it by scoring Imperials’ second goal.

Mannum scored through Robinson with the wind blowing across the ground.

The best players so far for Mannum were Billy Hayes, O’Malley and Dusty Inglis and for Imperials Dylan Hollitt, Matthew Williams and Sam Mobbs.

Johnny Boras had a missed opportunity from 15 metres in front of goals which went through as only a minor score.

The ball spent more time in the Imperial forward 50 than Mannum’s for the quarter.

At half time Mannum led 4.2 to Imperials 2.10.

The last half was full of scrappy play and swirling winds.

The first clearance in the third was to Mannum via Krause but spoiled by McLaren and sent into Imperials’ forward 50.

Boras goaled with a kick off the ground.

Hayes, for Mannum, answered at the other end.

There was some good footy despite the damp weather and the ball swinging to both ends of the ground with no scores.

It came down to who could get the ball over the goal line, regardless of it being a goal or behind; Imperials managed to do this.

In the second half Mannum managed only 1.1 while Imperials tallied 4.5.

The final scores were Mannum 5.3.33 to Imperials’ 6.15.51.

The best players were Bullard, O’Malley and Hayes for Mannum, Honner, Rance and DeMichele for Imperials.

In a great display of sportsmanship, both teams acknowledged achievements by Michael O’Malley, 150 games for Mannum, and Ben Quast, 150 games for Imperials.

Meningie v Ramblers

Ramblers retained its position at the top of the RMFL ladder with a hard-fought win on the road over Meningie on Saturday.

It was a tale of two halves played in very wintry conditions, with a strong wind favouring the scoreboard end all day and sporadic heavy rain increasing the level of difficulty.

The first half was made up of attacking football by both sides, with each team using the wind to their full advantage – Ramblers in the first quarter and Meningie in the second.

The second half was much more of a grind with the respective teams looking to wear each other down and nullify scoring attempts.

Ramblers controlled the play for much of the first quarter, kicking 5.7 to Meningie’s 1.1 to carry a 30-point advantage at the first change.

A pair of young guns in Riley Vanson and Jacob Trevorrow were having a big impact for the Roosters, providing plenty of run and carry in the wet conditions.

Ramblers looked to be continuing the damage early in the second quarter after Meningie was unable to convert when Lathanuel Rigney kicked truly to further the Rooster’s lead early in the term.

However, from then on in it was all Meningie as the home side fought hard – led by captain Brodie Martin – to put things back on an even keel.

The Bears booted five of their own in the second to get themselves right back in the game with scores all tied up at half time.

Along with Martin, Peter Reichelt provided plenty of rebound out of defence for the Bears while Seb Paynter was a force in the midfield for the home side.

The rain continued to fall as the third quarter commenced, setting the half up for what would become a real grind.

Meningie was first to strike when it was able to hack the ball forward against the wind for Jiye Hoad to soccer through his second major and put the Bears ahead for the first time all game.

It was short-lived, however, as Ramblers responded through Keynan Harradine in the pocket.

Stoppage after stoppage ensued as the Bears battled to keep Ramblers’ scoring shots with the win to a minimum.

That proved difficult, with Keiran Yakas booting his third major for the game and Patrick O’Neil intercepting a Meningie kick-in to put Ramblers out to a 22-point lead at the final change of ends.

Meningie had its chances to peg the lead back in the last quarter but inaccurate kicking proved costly.

The home side could only muster one major with the wind in the final quarter when new recruit Simon Newchurch booted his second goal for the match from long range.

Disciplined play from Ramblers forced plenty of stoppages and numbers around the ball meant Meningie just could not find the space to peg back the margin.

A late goal to Matt Thompson was the icing for Ramblers, running out winners by 17 points.

Best for the winners were Vanson, Trevorrow and Thompson, while Dean-Charles Callaghan and Aaron Pratt also made solid contributions for the visitors.

For Meningie, Martin, Reichelt and Paynter all toiled hard and tall timber Matt Hartman and Peter Nelson gave it their best.

Mypolonga v Jervois

No report received.