Throwback Thursday, July 2, 1937: Barrage-building

From the archives of The Murray Valley Standard, July 2, 1937.

Man’s stand against the sea

Recently members of the River Murray Commission paid a visit to Goolwa and inspected the barrage construction works now in progress.

The estimated cost has been set at £600,000, but whether expense can be kept down to this level remains to be seen.

Further, it may be said that the actual economic benefits of the scheme have yet to be proven, for diverse opinion still exists and, while competent and highly trained technicians are confident that the resultant benefits will be tremendous, the age-old battle of man against the elements has not always been a successful one, and it can hardly be denied that there is something of speculation about this venture – speculation, however, that is justified by the circumstances of the case.

Heavy orange crop at Mypolonga

With its hundreds of acres of orange orchards in full bearing, the settlement of Mypolonga now presents a most attractive picture.

Last year the settlement produced a little over 60,000 bushel cases, and for 1937 it is hoped that the figure will be taken to the record mark of 70,000.

The Mypolonga Co-Operative Society’s packing shed commenced operations on the citrus crop last month, and the managing director, Mr AH Burrett, reports that rejects represent only five per cent of the 5000 cases handled thus far for export.

Milk thefts cleared up

Cases of petty thieving of milk and cream from cans at various Murray Bridge homes came to an abrupt conclusion following police action at the beginning of last week.

The local police cleared up the trouble by obtaining a confession from a young boy.

No court proceedings resulted, but suitable deterrent measures were taken, and it is unlikely that residents will have any further cause for complaint in this regard.

Mannum’s runaway football win

High scoring was a feature of the match at Mannum last Saturday when Imperials were defeated by the green and gold 18.

There were 60 scoring shots during the game and this meant that there was a flag waved every two minutes.

Final score: Mannum 13.17 defeated Imperials 7.13.

Best players: Mannum – W Trewartha, R Bolto, F Murray, K Trewartha, C Randell, K McGlashan; Imperials – Schnaars, Higgs, Campbell, Milstead, Charnstrom, Phillips.

For sale

  • Cotton tweed trousers, 4/11 at Max Hall
  • STC radio receivers, from 19 guineas at AH Bartlett
  • Imperial cheddar cheese, 1/3 per packet at David Bell and Co

This week in history

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Locals Adam Thompson and Brodie Martin featured in an SANFL match played at Johnstone Park, Murray Bridge.

20 years ago: July 7, 1998

Murray Bridge Councillor Adrian Tanner quit after the council raised property rates by 4.4 per cent, contrary to a pre-election promise.

40 years ago: July 6, 1976

Jervois Football Club sacked player-coach Geoff Matthews due to poor form and discontent within the playing group.

80 years ago: July 8, 1938

Mr H Champion made a second donation of stone for a Boy Scout hall, after the first had been left by a roadside for three years and mostly disappeared.