Life Through the Lens: Bees should not be able to fly, but they do

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.
Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

I have often heard the statement, “bees should not be able to fly”.

This is a myth.

Their wings just don’t work the way science expect wings to work.

Scientifically, flying depends on a careful balance of technical things called, lift, drag, weight, and thrust.

I don’t really understand these things; I doubt a bee does either.

The bee just flies, does what he was made to do: collect honey and pollen and pollinate flowers.

That is what the God who designed bees designed them to do.

What about you?

Ever wondered “why am I here?”

We all ask that question, especially when facing someone’s words, actions, or attitude which shout “you are a waste of space!”

But the same God who designed bees for a special purpose also created you for a special purpose: mostly to be His friend.

Sounds strange, I know, but it’s true.

When your life looks like a crash site, full of disasters, He says “I am here for you”.

“I made you to be My friend.

“You might not be able to see me, but please stop, share your worries, your fears.

“Talk to me.

“Quieten your racing thoughts.

“Be still.

“Listen with your heart.

“Know I love and care about you.

“I want to help you be the person I meant you to be.

“Trust me.

“I didn’t make you to hover like a bee.

“I want you to soar like an eagle!”

Check God’s words in Isaiah chapter 40, verse 31.

Happy soaring.

Kevin Schrapel