River Murray netball

Round 14

With the finals fast approaching any and every Club looking for a spot in the top four should by now be fully focused on their objectives.

There are only a few grades that one would called settled as far as the top four are concerned, most grades with some unexpected wins, could see some changes of the final four placings over the next six weeks of competition.

Some Clubs are having good success so far, others maybe not quite so, but there have been many times in past seasons when there have been those surprising and unexpected results, so never give up trying.

I was sad to hear in one of last week’s games an away clubs player suffered an ankle injury which of course required ice.

When the mother of the player went to the home Club looking for ice the reply was “we don’t have any, our freezer is broken”.

So she went to the canteen, no ice there either, after speaking to a few other home team people she was sent across to the football trainers, to see if they could help her.

So over she went and after a little discussion was presented with part of a dirty bag of ice to bring back to the injured player.

Now in this modern age of political correctness, there is a little thing called “duty of care” and it is a home teams duty of care to provide the basic principles of injury practises like providing ice, if there is a Club out there that does not agree with this then sorry, you are wrong.

Players are playing on your facilities, they pay to enter your ground, they are there under the guidance of your personnel, so they are effectively putting themselves within your hands.

If you still do not agree, the very simplest of questions would be, what if it had been a home team player that suffered the injury, potentially a vital player to maybe you’re A grade team, or a finals hope, how would that have gone down with your mother and player.

It makes no difference who or where, every Club hosting a game of netball should have ice available for injury use, even if they have a broken freezer, they can always find an esky.

So Clubs for now and in the finals series of games, please make sure you have that vital, first piece of injury management handy for use.

Round 14 tip: Never, ever give up until the final whistle has blown, not matter the game, not matter the opposition.

Senior playing times: 12.45pm – B grade & C grade; 2pm – A grade & B reserve; 3.15pm – A reserve.

Meningie v Tailem Bend

Meningie will welcome Tailem Bend to the home of the Bears this week.

When these two teams met in round seven, it was a 13-goal win to Meningie.

Both teams started the game even with fourteen goals each at quarter time, before Meningie slowly settled and moved ahead in the second quarter.

Both teams players are very dedicated to their craft of netball and both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, the question is does their opponent know what they are.

Meningie will need to shut down the dynamic attacking into the Tailem goal circle by the fast determined centre court combinations of Emily Edwards, Kiarra Paech or Charise Bristow for the Eagles.

Meningie believe that they can, for their centre court players Lucille Steyn, Casey Reichelt and Jessica Eichner not only know how to attack, but they can defend equally as well also, this will be a very tough area of the court for both teams this week.

Meningie only two weeks ago went down to top team Imperials by only thirteen goals, that standard of play against the Blues will be what they will look for to continue this week.

Meningie will have the home court advantage and that advantage could be in just knowing how the weather could impact on the game if nothing else.

Meningie have invested a lot into this season’s A grade team and for each stumble the team has had the coaching personnel and Club have come up with the necessary answers.

Those answers will need to continue against the fifth placed team if the Bears hope to be considered a serious contender for the flag.

Tailem however, as everyone knows has their own style of play and would love nothing more than to creep into the four, this won’t happen this week for they need more games than just this one to make it happen, however this is a game they also need if they want their dreams to come true.

This game will go to Meningie if for no other reason than they believe they are the team to take it up to Imperials come finals time.

Mypolonga v Ramblers

Mypolonga will welcome Ramblers to this second verses fourth encounter this week.

When these two teams met in round seven it was a two goal win to the Tigers, however at quarter time Ramblers had the lead 16 goals to eight, a very good first quarter lead which they managed to hold onto till half time, after that, the Tigers came out to play.

On the first occasion Mypolonga were not the settled team that they are now, while Ramblers were a very stable playing combination.

Both teams, both coaches very much want the win this week, so spectators can expect to see just as much passion if not more that the first time these two teams met this season.

Mypolonga will have a more settled shooting combination in Lexi Blight and Kara Martin this week, which Ramblers defenders Jessica Crocker and Jessica Katae will have to try and shut down.

Martin has a lot of A grade experience and when she has her eye in she is very hard to contain, Blight knows how to hold her player in just the right spot for her feeders to penetrate the ring with relative ease.

However, for Ramblers Katae is what I call a silent assassin, she appears to be out of position at times and then can suddenly take that unexpected intercept; such is her ability to come from anywhere at speed and with long arms to pluck the ball from out of thin air.

The contest within this goal circle will be tight and quite a spectacle to watch, but then again so will the goal circle in the Ramblers end of play.

Nicole Simon and Kenisha Seidel are proving to be a very cohesive combination for the Ramblers team.

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