Changeover season continues as the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge host their night of nights

President inducted

A night of fun was had by members and guests when the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge held their Changeover Night at the Bridgeport Hotel.

This was an opportunity for the club celebrate the achievements of the previous ‘Rotary Year’, with Steve Walker as president who inducted David Altmann as president for 2018-19.

The Rotary District governor Bob Cooper attended and responded to the toast for Rotary International.

Community projects

Rotarians were recognized for their contributions to local and international community projects.

Projects covered work in the areas of education, international understanding, building friendships, promoting peace, student exchange, environment, community capacity building, networking, health and well being.


Highlights included Rotarian Jenny Phillips being recognized with a Paul Harris Fellowship Sapphire Pin.

She received the award for her work in leading the Australian Rotarian’s ‘Golf Week’ in Murray Bridge.

This event raised over $20,000 for the Rotary Health Foundation mental health program and the Murray Bridge Headspace program.

This was a two year project undertaken by a group of Rotarians working with the Golf Club and involved about 30 Rotarians volunteers during the week of the tournament.

Rotarian Ian Elston was also awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for his 15 years of service to the community.

Rotarians Jim Mason, Ron Jericho, Peter and Rosemary MacCulloch received certificates which acknowledged their long and valued service to the club.

Over 100 people attended the function; a great example of having fun along with the serious business of making Murray Bridge and the surrounding districts a great place to live.


Our Rotary theme for the next year was introduced: Be the Inspiration with the challenges that it provides.

Rotarian Lesley Murray was part of a double act as she proposed a toast to our Rotary partners followed by a hilarious response from her partner Steve Murray.

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