Murray Bridge garden club learns about bulbs

Common interest: Garden club member Malcolm McDougall catches up with guest speaker Greg Ruckett. Photo: Supplied.

Common interest: Garden club member Malcolm McDougall catches up with guest speaker Greg Ruckett. Photo: Supplied.

The July meeting of the Murray Bridge Garden and Floral Art Club was its annual general meeting which was followed with a presentation by Greg Ruckett of the Lillium and Bulb Society of South Australia.

Reflecting on the past year club secretary Dawn Hoffman said each month members presented an outstanding display of garden and home produce with many contributing to the monthly raffle table. 

 “Thanks to our first-rate committee, the untiring leadership of president Robert Butcher and to treasurer  Chris Butcher who has done a superb job managing the club’s finances,” she said.

In concluding her report, Mrs Hoffman thanked her husband Barry Hoffman for all his support.

There was the election of officer bearers for 2018-2019 – president Robert Butcher, vice-president Barry Hoffman, junior vice-president Betty Galbraith, secretary Dawn Hoffman, treasurer Chris Butcher, committee – Malcolm McDougall, Bev Clasohm, Ken Wells, Betty Rule, Ute Wegener, publicity officer Mr Peter Crowley and patrons Dr Brenton Klemm and Philip Christian.

Following the election president Butcher announced the club’s sectional winners for 2017-2018. 

Winners were: Floral Arrangement: D Woidt; Fruit: B Rule; Large Garden Cut: P Christian; Small Garden Cut: R&C Butcher; Rose Cut: R&C Butcher; Miniature Rose Single bloom: B Rule; F. Vegetables: M McDougall; Homemade produce: B Rule; Pots/Containers/Hanging Baskets: R&C Butcher; Craft: B&D Hoffman; J1. B&D Hoffman; J2. R&C Butcher; J3. R&C Butcher.

The overall aggregate champion was awarded to B Rule.

It was then time for Greg Ruckett to address the meeting on the growing of lillium and other rare bulbs.

Mr Ruckett is president of the Lillium and Bulb Society of South Australia and a member of many other plant societies. He is also the holder of provisionally registered collection of a number of plant genera, including lachenalia, with a Garden Plant Collection Association of Australia.

“For the many decades I have grown bulbs, I’ve had a particular obsession with lachenalias, flowering bulbs from South Africa,” Mr Ruckett said. 

“In Australia, we grow four main types of liliums – these are the Asiatic, the Longiflorum, the Longiflorum Asiatic and the Orientals.

“Asiatics, though beautiful on the eye, have a distinct disadvantage in that they have no perfume. However, this group has multiple flowers on each stem and the colours are rich and varied.

“The Longiflorum or trumpet type lily is commonly known as Christmas lilies, as this is their main flowering season. They make excellent cut flowers and have a lovely perfume.

“The Longiflorum Asiatics  are a hybrid of the Longiflorum and Asiatic types. They have a strong perfume which make for a wonderful cut flower.”

“Last are the Orientals. This variety often have very dramatic, wavy petals, with a nice perfume. They are also very popular as cut flowers.”

July competition results - 

Floral Arrangement 1st R MacCulloch; Fruit: 1st R&C Butcher; Large Garden Cut: 1st, 2nd R&C Butcher, 3rd D Griffiths; Small Garden Cut: 1st M McDougall, 2nd R&C Butcher, 3rd R MacCulloch; Rose Cut: Equal 1st D Griffiths, D Bolt, 2nd D Bolt; Miniature Rose: 1st R & C Butcher, 2nd R&C Butcher; Vegetables: 1st B Pascoe; Home Produce: 1st B&D Hoffman, Pots/Containers/Hanging Basket: 1st, 2nd, 3rd R&C Butcher Craft: 1st B&D Hoffman; Eggs: 1st B&D Hoffman; Overall champion: R&C Butcher

If you are interested in attending a meeting they are held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Seventh Day Adventist Church hall in Murray Bridge starting at 7.30pm and finishing by 10pm, contact Chris Butcher 8532 3580 or 0419 856 414.

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