Throwback Thursday, 1941: Wheat into fuel

From the archives of The Murray Valley Standard, July 25, 1941.

Site for power alcohol plant

South Australia is to have a power alcohol distillery, according to official pronouncement, and the all-important question now arising is “where?”

That a river town must loom largely in such discussions is quite evident, and the claims of Murray Bridge to consideration are indeed strong.

From 60 million to 90 million gallons of fresh water would be required.

The escaping trade effluent would be about 150,000 gallons each day.

Murray Bridge has certain comparatively valueless areas to which the effluent could be diverted.

The £100,000 recommended to be granted by the Commonwealth to each state to provide substitute fuel requirements would be used to make alterations necessary to enable existing distilleries able to process wheat into 95 per cent power alcohol.

Site for Mannum’s ‘trees of tribute’

A public meeting was held at the Mannum Institute on Monday night to discuss suitable sites for planting 100 “trees of tribute” as a guide to council action.

The meeting was called by the District Council of Mannum following much adverse criticism of its decision to plant these trees at the showground.

The trees must be planted soon, said the Chairman, Mr HB Scheer.

What to do in an air raid

During the approaching weekend, many Murray Bridge householders will receive, through the local Civil Defence Committee, instruction cards setting out a course of conduct in the event of air raids.

The measure follows approved lines and is a form of precaution obviously necessary in any community established at a vulnerable or important strategic point.

The presence of the two vital bridges at this point automatically qualifies Murray Bridge in the latter category.

Imps easily defeat Tailem Bend

A one-sided game was witnessed at Murray Bridge on Saturday last, when Imperials easily accounted for Tailem Bend Warriors.

The visitors were able to field only 15 men, and even that number did not include some of the regular players.

As a result the black and whites always had matters very much their own way.

N Gillies, who customarily keeps goals for Imperials, was seen in a new role at the opposite end of the ground, getting six goals.

For sale

  • Spring hats, from 12/11 at David Bell and Company
  • STC battery receivers, from 19 guineas at Bartlett’s

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