'Rich tapestry' of Murray Bridge community celebrated during farewell afternoon tea

On behalf of Whahine Toa - Maori Women’s Group, director of Murray Bridge Regional Gallery Melinda Rankin was farewelled at an afternoon tea held this week.

Melinda has opened many opportunities for artists within the community to come together and bring to our region some wonderful exhibitions that has made the gallery a very reputable organisation.

She thanked all her team for the combined effort and passion to assist the work she has achieved.

Melinda spoke to all who attended whilst holding a weaving made and donated by a Ngarrindjeri elder Aunty Ellen.

This weaving exhibition has been quite a significant one for her and the conversations behind the exhibition, one in particular moved her and the Ngarrindjeri talked about living in two cultures.

Melinda asked Clyde Rigney the question how would we do this the Ngarrindjeri way, and he said “all things are connected, people dismiss that because it is too simple.”

But Melinda gave great thought about that statement, and whenever Aunty Ellen talked about the meaning behind the weavings, she said, stitch by stitch all things are connected.

“She sits with others attending the workshops and in the circle and watches the conversations happen and she says, see, all of us are connected,” Melinda said.

So Melinda wanted all her workmates, as well as community to attend, as she believes all the work everyone had done, had connected with community and “stitch by stitch” we are all connected.

Council, elected members, management and staff, who worked together to run the gallery, those decisions to support the arts by the council, flows outside these circles, out to this community and other people.

Melinda acknowledged and thanked council and her managers in their support for the gallery.

She attributed the success of the gallery due to working closely with closely council, as well as the understanding and appreciation received from her team and managers which help create the environment the space where people come and feel very welcome and warm.

So “stitch by stitch” everything we all do circles out in to the community, it is a very rich tapestry.

Melinda also gave a very moving story and thanked the artists and what they bring to the gallery and for those that view their exhibitions.

There is something very profound that artists can bring to those that view their art and move them in astounding ways.