Can you help a group care for and protect wildlife?

Baby Joey was found by its dead mother near Adelaide Mushrooms. Photo: Supplied.

Baby Joey was found by its dead mother near Adelaide Mushrooms. Photo: Supplied.

The management committee of Wildlife SA met recently and inspected the new Sanctuary located in Rockleigh, owned by Brian and Rachael Yeend, the founders of Wildlife SA.

The pair are currently onsite caretakers right now of six possums, 44 kangaroos/wallabies, one barn owl, several kookaburra and tawny frogmouths, a few parrots and two emus.

The meeting discussed ways of raising funds for the ongoing work of Wildlife SA, which includes diverse operations, from: inspecting pouches of kangaroos killed by cars on roads; making and installing possum and bird boxes; raising joeys with intense needs requiring bottle feeds around the clock for months; cutting up fruits and vegetables for onsite critters; training wildlife volunteers to care for all sorts of animals; visiting vets with sick and injured animals; building fences for enclosures; planting trees and so much more. 

The management committee is made up of a dedicated group of individuals who are intent to ensure wildlife is respected and orphans are cared for, restored to health, released to their habitat if possible, or offered a forever home at the sanctuary.

The group currently runs a People’s Choice lottery, accepts tax deductible donations, and offers sponsorships for their onsite rehabilitated animals who are not suitable for release back to the wild. 

There is currently a special fellow needing sponsorship, Baby Joey (pictured)  is a male western grey kangaroo, found at Adelaide Mushrooms waiting loyally next to his dead mother.

Although severely dehydrated and underweight, he charged at Brian when he attended to collect him – guarding his dear mum and very unsure.

Baby Joey will need a permanent compound as he will be hand-raised and not appropriate for release. His new sponsor will be invited to name him

This group is made up of volunteers committed to the cause and they currently seek interested community members with skills in administration and IT to join the Management Committee in supporting Wildlife SA.

More information and ways to sponsor can be found at or contact Rachael on 0403 269 953.