Life Through the Lens: Fridge doors, your real doors

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Could it be that your fridge door is the “real” door to your home?

Is it the door that lets me see who you really are?

I stand and look at your fridge: the magnets; photos; kids’ or grandkids’ magnificent works of art; the reminder notes; a photograph from the last holiday, or notes about the next dream holiday; a favourite and uplifting verse.

These little magnetic tokens holding messages and reminders – what do they say about the people who live here?

Is this person more interested in “me” than anything else?

Are they about “me” and stuff which will most likely be as short-lived as the note on the door?

What about if our fridge notes said more about building quality relationships: about caring, supporting?

Would we be a better community?

Maybe if the scribbled note said “remember to call Aunt Bess with her sore leg”, “ring the mechanic – thank him for the great car service”, “must talk to God sometime today”, “don’t forget to make my partner feel special”, “remind myself that God thinks I’m special” (check out Deuteronomy chapter seven, verse six, near the front of the Bible), “remember to look at a flower today, or maybe look at a weed differently”.

Could someone walk into your kitchen, look at your fridge and think “I would like this person for a friend”?

Maybe I should have a closer look at our fridge door!

Praying you all have a great week checking your friends’ fridge doors.


Kevin Schrapel