At Wakakirri, Murray Bridge South Primary School students will retell Thomas Foods fire story in dance | PHOTOS, VIDEO

An artistic retelling of the Thomas Foods fire will be presented by Murray Bridge South Primary School students at arts festival Wakakirri in Adelaide on Wednesday.

The 86 performers in Rise of the Phoenix performed their routine for younger students, staff and parents at the school on Friday afternoon, to a rousing reception.

The production begins with an ordinary day at the meat works before a welder, played by Tristan Krockenberger, accidentally sets a fire dancing across the stage.

The company's CEO, Patrick Cahill, dispatches his workers to all corners of the country and the hero struggles with his inner demons before all are reunited at the opening of a new factory, and dance in celebration.

Drama teacher Rachel Baltussen said the students had been rehearsing all year, with help from staff members and others behind the scenes.

She hoped engaging them in the show would help them engage with their other school work.

Principal Stuart Kitto said the families of many children at the school had been affected by the fire, including some whose parents had had to move away for work.

Twelve other schools, including Coonalpyn Primary, will compete at the festival at Adelaide Entertainment Centre between Wednesday and Friday of next week.