Palachicky named yoga champion

Murray Bridge's Garry Palachicky has been named Australia's senior yoga champion.

He will go on to represent the nation at an international championship in Beijing in December after his win in Canberra on Sunday.

Palachicky, a 51-year-old cheese factory worker who only took up the pastime several years ago, admitted the title of national champion had a nice ring to it.

"It's certainly nothing I ever expected," he said.

"I'm still in shock and overwhelmed.

"I never thought I'd be doing yoga, let alone a champion and about to represent Australia."

He said the experience of competing at the nationals was "out of this world", particularly as he was able to form a team with a few other South Australians.

He was the only senior competitor from the state.

"It was a little bit scary, but more exciting than scary," he said.

"Just before I went on stage I had a little bit of nerves.

"I've done better in class than I did on the day, to be honest, but it didn't matter."

He thanked his teacher, Amy Kreminski of Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates Adelaide, for her guidance.

She had always said he was going to win, he said: "the faith she had in me, that's what was overwhelming to me".

Kreminski said she was incredibly proud to see her students - Palachicky and three others - receive recognition at the national championships, reflecting their hard work and dedication.

“Our students train just as hard as athletes in any other sport," she said.

"They train four times a day, six days a week and the mental strength required for yoga is well above most sports."

Palachicky believed he would have a realistic shot at the world title when he travelled to China in less than four months' time.

Yoga competitors are judged on their flexibility, strength and balance as they perform six postures in three minutes.

Different poses carry different difficulty ratings, and are multiplied with judges' scores to produce a final score.