Following this week's leadership spill we now have a new Prime Minister

Following the announcement of Australia’s new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, visitors to the Bend Motorsport Park took some time out from racing to discuss the state of Federal politics.

Denise Seidel, from Kingston, described the way politicians had acted this week as “disgusting”, but said she was relieved that Peter Dutton had not become Prime Minister.

“I would’ve been happy with either Julie Bishop or Scott Morrison so I’m satisfied with the outcome,” Mrs Seidel said.

“I think Mr Dutton is full of himself, what he did was very arrogant, I think the other two have a softer side and he is ruining any chance the Liberal Party may have of getting elected back in.

“I think if Mr Dutton was going to do something he should’ve done something earlier.”

Mrs Seidel said despite voting for the Liberal Party, they would have lost her vote had Mr Dutton become Prime Minister. 

Murray Bridge born television personality Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello joked he would run for Prime Minster, given the current political climate. 

“It seems like the job is up for the taking for anyone, so I think I might throw my hat in the ring next week,” Mr Costello laughed.

“Everyone else has had a go now so maybe it could be my turn next.”