Letters to the editor: August 28, 2018

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen.
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen.

Question must be asked of Tony Pasin

Well done Mr Pasin – your efforts on behalf of Mr Dutton and Mr Abbott have succeeded in removing yet another Prime Minister.

My commiserations go to you and your political cronies after your preferred candidate for the top job did not achieve your desired outcome.

You say that every decision you make is in the best interests of the constituents of Barker – yet as an electorate we voted for you hoping that the political chaos of the last 10 years would end.

You have obviously failed miserably in this objective.

Your comments that you cannot control when or if leadership spills take place seem laughable when your signature is second on the list of names in the 43-name petition requested by Malcolm Turnbull in the lead-up to the second leadership spill.

You have seen an opportunity to further your political aspirations and failed miserably.

The question must be asked: have you placed your personal preferences and affiliations in another pitiful, pathetic, in-house political cat-fight ahead of your electorate’s interests?

Albert Goodridge, Murray Bridge

Locals are not investing

We may have $200 million of new development happening in our municipality (“It’s all happening”, August 23), but I believe most businesses that are performing any works on such developments are out-of-towners and do not enrich the economic sustainability of Murray Bridge. 

With our local government spending 20 per cent-plus on Lewin Nursing Home and other monies going to sporting club developments, it leaves our local developments for attractions missing out and benefiting the economic sustainability and reliant on a 40-year-old “Bertha Bunyip” as the town’s major tourist attraction.

Meanwhile, you wouldn’t have to be Einstein to work out what isn’t happening in Murray Bridge with the amount of shops closing.

Rex Sleeman, Murray Bridge