headspace launches headcoach campaign

Minds need training too. That’s the message being issued by headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation through headcoach - the new national campaign for young men. One in seven young men aged between 16 and 24 experience depression or anxiety each year, yet a meagre 13 per cent seek help. Furthermore, suicide is the leading cause of death for young men in Australia.

Young men have a tough time recognising the importance of maintaining their mental health for a number of reasons including traditional gender role stereotypes, inability to identify early warning signs, and a reluctance to let anyone know they are struggling.

By bringing together some of the country’s most elite athletes to share tips and advice from their own experience, headcoach highlights the importance to young men of training their bodies and their minds.

headspace Murray Bridge supported the headcoach campaign held at the Imperial Football Club on Thursday with Jarrod Lienert, who discussed with junior players how he trains his mind.

Jarrod told the group, “I simplify things to prevent becoming too overwhelmed by the whole situation”.

“Before every game I will map out a couple of words which describe how I want to play the game and from there I know that to be successful on the field I have to follow those words.”

Jarrod highlighted the impact that negative comments on social media can have. “Screening out social media plays a huge role in looking after our (Port Adelaide football players’) mental health,”he said.

“Social media is powerful. People think we don’t see the comments, but we do. We have to try to not take notice of what is written which isn’t always easy.”

Jarrod’s advice to the group was to keep things simple and take time to do the things they enjoyed. If you or a young man you know is struggling they can seek support at headspace through face-to-face, online or telephone services. The seven tips to maintaining a healthy headspace can be found at www.headspace.org.au/headcoach

If your sports club would like to be involved in the headcoach campaign or would like us to present on mental health topics, please contact Emma on 8398 4262 or email connections@mmgpn.org.au.

Emma Rance,

Community Connections officer

headspace Murray Bridge