Letters to the editor: September 4, 2018

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen.
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen.

Spill was no surprise

Member for Barker Tony Pasin, in the 5MU studio last Tuesday morning, was at pains to distance Tony Abbott from last week's Canberra debacle, claiming that the longstanding animosity within the Liberal Party which led to the current chaos started not with Tony Abbott but 10 years ago with the Malcolm Turnbull-Brendan Nelson contest.

Tony Pasin would have us believe that last week's turmoil was caused solely by Turnbull calling the surprise leadership spill on Tuesday morning and that Pasin's decision to support Peter Dutton was at short notice and based solely on policy, not personalities.

But the public record shows that Tony Pasin has been an ongoing member of the Dutton inner circle and was one of the numbers people drumming up support for Dutton, fortunately unsuccessfully.

He expected listeners to believe that Abbott had no part in the move to put Dutton up against Turnbull, and he repeatedly claimed that he has and will act with total honesty on behalf of his electorate.

If (last Tuesday) morning's 5MU performance is any indication, Barker voters might be advised to take care in determining who they will support in the forthcoming federal election.

Trevor Harden, Clayton Bay

National Flag Day

On Monday we celebrated the Australian national flag and all that it represents.

Australian National Flag Day celebrates the first time the flag was flown on September 3, 1901 from the main dome of the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, then the home of our Commonwealth parliament.

The Australian flag has become a way of exhibiting pride in our nation, respect for our heritage and acknowledgement of our history.

On Monday I reflected on the values it represents: respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual; freedom of religion; commitment to the rule of law; parliamentary democracy; equality of opportunity regardless of gender, race, religion or ethnic background.

These are the values I serve to uphold.

I urge all Australians to be proud of these values, and proud of our flag.

Tony Pasin, Member for Barker