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JERVOIS met Mannum in the league 2018 qualifying final at Jervois on Saturday.

The Bluds had the home ground advantage but it was Mannum who got the first couple of inside 50s for the game, but their only score was a rushed behind. 

The Roos then had their first real opportunity at goal with a shot to Levi Krause, but he missed his set shot from 40 metres out. 

A turnover from the kick in led to another Roos behind. 

The Bluds then had their first real chance of the game, but a shot from Ryan Willits on the 50 drifted across goal for a behind. 

The Bluds then had several inside 50s, but couldn’t put a score on the board. 

Mannum got the ball back inside their 50 and a desperate tackle from Gene Robinson led to another shot at goal. 

His kick went out on the full, however. They held the ball in their 50 and the ball was rushed through for another behind and the Roos just kept pumping the ball back in.

Jack Woollard got the first goal for the Roos about halfway through the quarter, but soon after and Ryan Willlits was able to reply for the Bluds, putting their first goal on the board. 

Mannum looked to reply straight away with a shot to Everette Giles, but he missed and Peter Zarantonello was able to put one more goal on the board for the Bluds. 

There was no further score for the quarter and at quarter time the Bluds held a two-point lead, 2.1.13 to 1.5.11.

The Bluds had the first opportunity of the second term as Josh Noye got the ball into Hayden Schulz, but Schulz missed his shot from 20 metres out. The Roos then took the ball the length of the ground, but the Bluds were able to rush the ball through for a behind. 

The Roos again had an opportunity at goal, but it was another behind, with some good defensive work from Tate Silverlock, punching the ball through. Jack Woollard got the ball back from the Jervois kick in, but again missed his shot at goal. 

There was no further score for the next five minutes, until Jervois got a goal from a snap to Rick Fischer 15 metres out. Close to 10 minutes in it was Jervois who held a six-point lead, 3.2.20 to 1.8.14, Mannum had a a lot more opportunity at goal, but were not making the most of them. 

The Bluds put the next goal on the board as Zane Barry dodged and weaved and snapped truly. The Roos got a goal back as a quick snap at goal went through. 

They then had the next chance as Levi Krause was paid a free on the 50. Krause passed to Billy Hayes and his shot from 30 metres out went through. The scores were now level at 26 each. Gene Robinson put on another goal for the Roos as he snapped truly and the Roos had all the momentum. 

Jack Woollard had the next shot for the Roos, but his kick went out on the full. Gene Robinson was able to put another goal through soon after though as he kicked a great checkside goal from the boundary 30 metres out. Billy Hayes put another on the board for the Roos and their lead was now out to 18 points, with not long to go in the quarter. 

Ryan Willits then had a shot for the Bluds, but missed. They then got another chance as Hayden Schulz marked 20 metres out. He kicked truly and the Bluds had one more chance at goal as Tyler Robinson got a free kick right on the half time siren 25 metres out from goal. He kicked truly and at half time Mannum held a five-point margin, 6.8.44 to 6.3.39.

Jervois had the first three shots at goal of the third quarter for three behinds. They were then able to kick truly as Brayden Gommers passed to Justin Hardy, who goaled from 30 metres out in the pocket. This put the Bluds back in front 5 minutes in.  Gene Robinson had the next shot for Mannum from 50, but his kick went through for a behind. Korey Loechel then had another shot for the Roos, but missed also. Justin Hardy put the next goal through for Jervois after a great run and pass from Zane Barry. The score now Jervois 8.6.54 to Mannum 6.10.46 halfway through the quarter. 

Matthew Trent Williams got an interception in the Roos forward 50 after the Bluds were trying to switch the ball from one side of the ground to the other and his kick from 40 metres out went through the big sticks to bring them to within 2 points. 

The next score was a rushed behind to the Bluds as the ball was touched over the line by a Roos defender. Jack Woollard had a shot just before the siren for the Roos to put them in front, but missed and the score at three quarter time Jervois 8.7.55 to Mannum 7.11.53.

Korey Loechel got the first goal of the last quarter to give the Roos the lead back 2 minutes in. Jack Woollard then had the opportunity for another goal soon after, but his shot hit the top of the goal post for a behind. Gene Robinson put through a goal as his snap went through and this got their lead out to 11 points, 9.12.66 to 8.7.55. Matthew Trent Williams was able to make it three goals to nil for the quarter as he goaled from 40 metres out on the run. 

They were doing all of the scoring and the Bluds looked dead on their feet. The Roos then scored another behind, before Levi Krause put yet another goal on the board to give them a 24-point lead halfway through the quarter, 11.13.79 to 8.7.55. 

The Roos put on another four goals for the quarter to the Bluds’ one and ran out 39-point winners, 15.13.103 to 9.10.64 in what was a dominant last quarter performance. They now take on Imperials next week for a chance to play in the grand final, while the Bluds will have to regroup and take on Ramblers.


RAMBLERS v MYPOLONGA: Ramblers won a tight qualifying final on Saturday, beating Mypolonga.

Mypo won the toss and went to the town end and opened up with a goal to Brad Frahn. Ramblers soon replied with some free-flowing footy. Brayden Kartinyeri was busy for the Roosters along with Darren Hein, who was on the dangerous Wayne Hutchinson. Good play from Jack Thurstans resulted in another goal to Mypolonga through Cameron Eckermann which gave the Tigers a nine-point lead at the first break.

Bad skill errors were creeping in for both team but it was Ramblers playing the better football. Dylan Molner was in everythiung and James Kerley was repelling many Mypo attacks. Luke Bassani was busy for Mypo but the Roosters led by seven points. Mypolonga started well with a couple goals to Jack Thurston and Cameron Eckermann. Both sides got some easy goals with Matt Brooks and Jarrod Sykes scoring and the game was even at the main break.

Ramblers picked up the pace and started scoring in the last with goals coming from bad kick-ins and hwne Brandon Elphick snapped off the pack, Ramblers were home. Dylan Molner and Matt Thompson were clearly Ramblers’ best players as were Luke Bassani and Cameron Eckermann for the Tigers. 

Under 15

RAMBLERS v MYPOLONGA: The first quarter was tightly contested with many turnovers, a boundary snap from Ramblers scoring the first goal. Mypolonga were finding it difficult to break into their forward line due to the Rambler midfield pressure, scores Ramblers 2.0 to Mypo 0.0

Thomas Fensom kicked the second quarter opening goal after a good ball chase, then Mypo goaled after a free kick went to them in the midfield. After some good defensive work from Ramblers, Dylan Carter for Ramblers kicked his third goal. The Mypo midfield was working hard to go forward, however the Rambler defence held up well, with another goal scored by Ramblers on the half time siren. Scores Ramblers 5.4 to Mypo 1.0.

Mypolonga started the third quarter with a point, and their team lifted with two more goals kicked late in the term with Ramblers held scoreless. Ramblers led 5.5 to 3.1. The final quarter saw Ramblers respond and they kicked a goal from the opening bounce, followed by another shortly after. 

Having the wind going towards their end saw the ball remain in Ramblers forward half for most of the quarter when some hard work paid off for Kane Catford with a snap at goal. Mypo battled hard, but couldn’t get the ball into their forward line to score, while another quick goal to Ramblers sealed the win for them; 9.9 to Mypo 3.1.



RAMBLERS v MYPOLONGA: Elimination finals are often tightly contested and this game was to be no different.

Ramblers headed to the northern end with a two-goal breeze.

The Roosters peppered the goals and posted five behinds before getting their first major via a great snap from David Wilson.

The pressure by both teams was providing a hot contest one that was providing the big crowd some bruising contests. James Moss goaled just on quarter time and the Roosters didn’t take full advantages of the breeze and lead by 11 points.

Some of the contests within the game Keiren Yakkas on James Moss, Jarrad Weyland on Clint Dement and Nick Pearce on Nathan Wright were all interesting.

The Tigers were starting to get their game going early in the second but great pressure by the Roosters allowed many inside 50s continued to maintain their lead with both teams kicking three goals for the quarter.

Both Coaching groups were searching for the advantage and unfortunately for Nathan Wright who suffered a serious shoulder injury it came the Roosters way with Nick Pearce getting control of the ruck and the air around the ground. The Tigers had to redirect the ruck duties to Sam Martin who had been doing a good job on Matt Altmann.

The Roosters Midfield were brilliant and the clearances’ from the centre and around the stoppages turned the game on its head in the third seeing the Roosters kick 6 goals to 2 for the quarter.

A great display of small forward work by David “Minya” Wilson was a driving force. With Matt Altmann taking some good leading marks the game seemed to be slipping away from the tigers.

The final quarter saw the roosters leading by 42 points, but as we have witnessed in previous Mypolonga- Rambler tussles this meant nothing.

With James Moss in the ruck an exciting last quarter was predicted. Early settling goals to David Wilson and Will Altman see the Tigers a massive hill to climb.

The Roosters half back line were providing great running support and turning the Tigers back on many occasions.

With four goals to each team in the last quarter saw the Roosters able to maintain the their lead and progress to next weekend.

Better players for the Tigers Corey Jones, Brad Oats and Mitch Bowley and for the victors Minya Wilson, Tommy Paech, Nick Pearce and Brandon Theile.


IMPERIAL v TAILEM BEND: Last year’s grand finalist the Blues took on the Eagles in the reserve grade Elimination Final at Tailem Bend oval on Sunday .

For the loser their was no second chance and it would be season over while the victor would still be keeping the September dream alive .

Ideal conditions greeted both sides with cool overcast conditions prevailing with little breeze favouring either end of the ground .

The Blues would be kicking to the town end of the ground in the first quarter .

The opening few minutes of the game saw a tough even contest with both sides going in and attacking the ball willingly and giving their opponents little time for a clean or uncontested possession .

The first goal of the afternoon went the way of the Blues when Daniel Leahey goaled from a free kick 20 metres out directly in front .

The Eagles had the chance to reply pretty much straight away through a strong mark to Brenton Wilson whose short pass to a team mate could only result in a minor score .

Both sides though were efficient with their disposals and hitting targets .

The Eagles attacked for several minutes for little reward until a strong mark from David Storrie resulted in the Eagles first goal .

Ash Temby showed great pace when with a running kick from just outside 50 metres he goaled as the ball cleared the Eagles defenders outstretched arms and bounced on end through the goals .

Brad Wright was having a large influence in the ruck for the Blues .

Michael Farnham of the Blues set up the next goal when with a skilful tap to Louis Paech  , saw Paech able to fortuitously snap the ball across his body for a valued goal .

The Eagles didn't waist precious time in replying as Brenton Wilson kept the home side in touch with his quick reply on the scoreboard .

Both sides went goal for goal and this continued when Reece Waltrovitz skied a high wobbler of a ball forward into the Blues attack and Louis Paech from 1 metre out goaled his second goal of the opening quarter.

Wayne Lockett continued the Eagles run of instant replies when his quick kick on goals proved accurate.

Will Leonard provided a strong lead that resulted in a mark that started as the Eagles’ Bradley Parker was called for running too far .

Will Leonard kicked truly.

Highlighting what had been an entertaining opening quarter with both sides going for goal David Storrie of the Eagles goaled right on quarter time .

At the first break the Blues led 5.0 to 4.1 The first quarter was an even affair that saw the Blues clinging to a slender lead.

The Blues started the second quarter impressively as Will Leonard goaled after marking a Louis Paech pass that came directly at him at eye level giving the Eagles defenders little chance.

The opening few minutes of the quarter saw the Blues have the better of the play.

However the game wasn't as free flowing or skilful as the opening quarter as the Eagles defence looked to withstand the Blues attack and then pounce themselves on the quick rebound hoping to catch the Blues off guard.

The Blues however continued the accurate goal kicking when Will Leonard kicked his second goal of the quarter from directly in front the result of the Eagles giving away a costly 50 metre free kick.

The Eagles had several good passages of play into attack but couldn't capitalise on the scoreboard and they went goalless in the second quarter while the Blues managed two goals.

At half-time the Blues led 7.3 to 4.4.

The Eagles goaled almost immediately at the start of the third quarter to give them the start to the second half they needed if they were to prevent the Blues from ending their season.

This was an entertaining game that still hung in the balance as the third quarter started to heat up with both sides desperate in their endeavour and attack.

A goal to Mike Farnham settled the Blues after the initial scoreboard pressure from the Eagles.

The breeze was starting to pick up and it was favourable to the northern end  and the Eagles needed to make the most of the breeze as the Blues would be kicking with it in the final quarter.

Both Tailem Bend and Imperials failed to make the most of their chances in front of goal and at three-quarter-time the Blues led 8.5 to 5.6.

The Blues had a 17-point lead at the start of the final quarter that was quickly whittled to 11 points when Wayne Luckett goaled from a free kick 50 metres out as the ball sailed just over the finger tips of the Blues defenders.

Brad Wright of the Blues got the margin back to 17 points with his shot on goal from 40 metres out tight in the right hand side pocket. Blues veterans like Ash Temby , Louis Paech and Ryan Edwards were having a major influence  as the presure and intensity started to rise in the final quarter with both sides realising only a win would see them continue to play next week.

The Eagles rose to the challenge as Jake Prosser showed supreme class in evading Mike Farnham and then his lace out pass finding the outstretched arms of David Storrie. Storrie finished off the impressive piece of play with a deserving goal.

The margin was now back to 12 points late in the final quarter. The Blues defence was withstanding the forward pressure of the Eagles nicely and they often rebounded out of defence cleanly only to have the play break down at around the half forward mark.

The Eagles couldn't reduce the margin and the Blues hung on for a 13 point win in what had been a highly entertaining Elimination Final in the reserves grade. The Blues 9.7 defeated Eagles 7.6.

UNDER 17.5

MANNUM V TAILEM BEND: Both clubs struggled with solid numbers in this grade and over the minor round Mannum had managed to win all three of their previous encounters.

The game started with a little bit of niggle, with nothing being achieved apart from a few nerves being dispelled. It was an arm wrestle for the first portion of the first quarter with no goals scored until the talented Noah Vivian kicked a long bouncing ball which dribbled through for a Tailem goal.

From the centre bounce the Roos moved it forward and kept it there with the help of cousins Cody and Ben Krollig. While Mannum did pepper away at points, both Krolligs managed very handy goals prior to the first break, which saw Mannum 9 point leaders.

Mannum did control the ball in the second quarter and kept the ball in their forward line, however failed to accurately convert.  Partially this was due to some inaccurate kicking, however plenty was due to really solid defensive pressure from the Tailem Bend back line.  The Roos did manage two goals as a result of a good tackle to Daniel Laubsch and later a mark to Ben Krollig and at half-time the score was 4.10 to 1.4 in favour of Mannum,  however this did lead to their coach having a frank discussion about their conversation rate.

The third quarter was the most one sided quarter with Mannum dominating the scoring. Experienced players in Laubsch, Inglis and Heward managed to get on top for the first time of the day. Jack Bormann, showing a stiff arm or two in this quarter, also managed to break free. Blake Zadow and Jake Prosser for the Eagles again worked tirelessly, however just couldn’t hold the Roos off and with the Roos being up by nine goals at the last change.

The Eagles did not at all give in over the final quarter. They took the ball forward early however unfortunately for them, could not convert early enough to make a difference. A well read ball by under 15 player Fidge resulted in a Roos goal as did a great mark by Dusty Inglis. A goal by Kozikowski showed that Tailem kept fighting all game.

The Roos won by nine goals, however that probably wasn’t a fair indication of this tussle with both clubs reliant on their under 15s to field a side. Mannum’s best was  ruckman Daniel Laubsch and his rover Jack Bormann while Blake Zadow and Jake Prosser’s excellent work rate had them as the Eagles’ best.


MANNUM V IMPERIALS: The minor round tally was 2:1 in Mannum’s favour between these side and there was a great game set on Sunday.

The game started evenly with a great contest starting with Nick Sumner and Brock Heward evolving very quickly in the games. There were no majors scored in the first half however not through any lack of effort from either side. Mannum’s Rory Stephens snapped a goal to open their account, but Imperials immediately responded through Ged Penta pretty much from the centre bounce. Shortly after, Imperials Jack McKay also kicked a goal and at the first break Imperials led by five points.

The second quarter started with Mannum maintaining possession in their forward line, however for some time all they could manage was peppering away at the points until Tyson Goodfellow laid a handy tackle which resulted in a goal. Under 13 player Chad Reschke also laid a tackle and resulted in another Mannum goal.  Imperials took it into their forward line however were unable to convert and at the half time break Mannum led 3:4 to 2:2.

Mannum started the 3rd quarter with plenty of possession however the Imperials back line were very impressive and gave very little opportunity to score until Tyson Goodfellow squeezed out a scrappy but handy goal for Mannum.  Shortly after the ball went back into the Roos forward line and Jackson Muirhead marked with a resulting goal.

There was a chance Mannum were about to run away with it however Imperials’ Nick Sumner took possession and kicked a slick and impressive goal on the run. That along with a solid mark and goal by Mitch Taylor had Mannum in front by only a goal at the last break.

The last quarter was dominated by Mannum. Blake Fidge worked tirelessly all day and Brock Heward really hit their straps and they fed the ball into Stephens and Giles. 

Both finished with three for the day. Imperials’ highlight was a fantastic run by Nick Sumner which finished with a goal from Mitch Taylor.

Mannum were winners by 33 points with Fidge and Heward their best while Imperials Sumner and hard working centreman Dustin Hayden were theirs.