Murray Bridge High School students take control of The Greatest Showcase

The students have taken control of Murray Bridge High School's annual music concert this year, and the result – they hope – will be The Greatest Showcase.

It all began when theatre producer Hannah Smith, a year 12 student in her spare time, sat through last year's event.

"I saw the music showcase last year and said 'there's so many things we could do to make it run smoother'," she said.

"So I said 'okay, I'm running it next year'."

For one thing, it will be shorter than three hours – there will be no breaks between songs, and senior school soloists will play during the changeover between bands.

Art students and staff will make a board through which audience members can poke their heads to have their photo taken as they arrive, in keeping with the Hugh Jackman-inspired circus theme, while hospitality students will provide food, drink and popcorn.

The showcase will also be staged at John Dohler Hall instead of on the school grounds.

There will be a single performance: next Wednesday night at 6pm.