Unity College students racing in the 'Bunyip', reflect on recent success and discuss strategies ahead of the 24-hour Pedal Prix event

TEAM: Ben Johncock, Lachie Thomas, Jai Fielke, Jaidyn Willis, Ryan Boyd and Ned Hughes (in bike). Photo: Emma Zirkel.
TEAM: Ben Johncock, Lachie Thomas, Jai Fielke, Jaidyn Willis, Ryan Boyd and Ned Hughes (in bike). Photo: Emma Zirkel.

With racing season in full swing, teams are training hard to refine their techniques ahead of the 24-hour race of the Australian International Pedal Prix in Murray Bridge.

Coming off the back of recent success at Victoria Park in Adelaide the category S2 team at Unity College have put in extra hours over the last few months, with their eyes focused firmly on the prize.

Six students make up the team, Ben Johncock, Lachie Thomas, Jaidyn Willis, Ryan Boyd, Jai Fielke and Ned Hughes.  Unity College Physical Education teacher Josh Noye has helped train the team and said they were among a group of keen road cyclists who as part of their training had been encouraged to ride together.

“The boys train extremely well together and that has really attributed to the success they have had,” Mr Noye said.

“At the last six-hour race at Victoria Park and the team placed second overall. “They finished only 39 seconds behind Mount Barker High’s bike, which is actually ranked a category above theirs. So they are are not only competing well in their category but they have proved themselves in the category above.” Mr Noye said the students were all keen road cyclists and were rode together not only to train but to encourage team work off the track.

“Despite the competitive nature of the race we only want our students to do their best and enjoy the experience.” Year 10 student Ryan Boyd said he loved taking part in Pedal Prix and Year 9 student Ben Johncock added he loved the fast paced nature of the competition.

Lachie Thomas said training as a team provided not only an added opportunity to engage in sports but to work together and strive toward a common goal.

Together the team have three six-hour events at Victoria Park in Adelaide and placed second overall in their category during last year’s 24-hour event.

Jai Fielke said the team sat in a good position going into the competition but would not relent on their vigorous training schedule. “If anything now is the time to really get focused and train hard,” Mr Fielke said.