Make a Wish helps Jed Rodda's motocross dream come true – with help from Brett Metcalfe

Jed Rodda has had some ups and downs in his life, but none more memorable than those he recently experienced on his own motocross track, built courtesy of the Make a Wish Foundation.

A property belonging to his Goolwa family was transformed in time for a magical day last month - eight-year-old Jed knew about that ahead of time, as he had a hand in the new track's design.

What he did not know was that high-flying MX nationals rider Brett Metcalfe would be there waiting for him.

The pair took laps with a dozen other riders, and Metcalfe, from nearby Mannum, demonstrated some wheelstands and other tricks in front of about 50 friends and family members.

He even signed Jed's numberplate, a keepsake to cheer him up whenever he felt down.

It was the day of a lifetime and – for that day, at least – enough to make the young man forget about the bumpy road that had brought him to that point.

Jed was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer which forms in nerve cells of the chest and neck, at the age of three.

Over the next three years he had three major surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, yet four times the tumours returned.

Some are still there, but his mum Jodie White said his prognosis had improved to the point that he now needed to go into hospital for hour-long scans only every six months.

"It has taken a long time for him to build his muscle strength up, to be as strong and energetic as his mates,” she said.

"He's got some issues we're going to have to deal with for years, but at the moment he's healthy and that's all we can ask."

He could have asked for a wish years ago, Ms White said, but his family wanted to get him something that would last forever rather than a temporary thrill.

"We figured he's been through enough, he deserves it," she said.

"Now his friends can use it, and he can build on it and make it better later."

She thanked the "amazing" people at Make a Wish; everyone who had helped with the track's construction, catering and the rest of the day; and the donors who had made it all possible.