Murray Bridge auto club hits the road to Bethany

Spring is here at last. Time for a drive in your old car in some fine weather.

That has been the premise of the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs (SA) now for some years and it has been put into practice, also for some years, by the Gawler Veteran, Vintage and Classic Vehicle Club ( GVVCVC ) in their “Drive it Day” gathering at Bethany in the beautiful Barossa Valley.

The Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge (ACCMB) attended in 2017 and were mightily impressed with both the venue and the amazing variety and quality of vehicles that the event attracted, so the ACCMB decided to accept their kind offer to attend this year.

The ACCMB gathered at the Murray Bridge Railway Station car park in lovely sunshine preior to their departure.

This sunshine gradually disappeared as we climbed the picturesque Palmer hill on their way to the first stop of the run at the Lovell’s Bakery, Mount Pleasant.

The weather had deteriorated somewhat more by then, but members were able to partake of their goodies without getting wet.

ACCMB participants were joined in Mount Pleasant by a few more members, including “locals” Pete & Meg Stephens conspicuously waiting in their bus.

Continuing on through the quaint townships of Springton and Eden Valley, the group encountered a few more showers, but still a great drive, especially the “short cut” through the rolling hills past the Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park on route to the well renown Menglers Hill Lookout, were ACCMB members paused to take in the 270 deg   panoramic view across the Barossa Valley.

From there it was only a short journey down to the Bethany Reserve where members were met by GVVCVC members, with Alvin Jenkin guiding ACCMB members to their allocated parking area, “down by the river were they felt right at home” it was explained.

The usual very interesting and very varied array of vehicles awaited members inspection in a great outdoor park setting prior to lunch. Every vehicle from sporty to the regal, very old to not so old.

There was definitely something to satisfy all tastes.

Then there were the people attending, some good friends, some acquaintances, some members had never met, but all out for a good yarn in what was by now again warm sunshine.

A leisurely lunch followed, then more inspections just I case the members had missed some thing or someone. 

By now it was mid afternoon, and with members saying thank you to the ACCMB run organizers, Neil and May Schubert and John and Vicki Courtney, members were beginning to leave for home choosing various routes of return, all agreeing that the outing was another successful outing.

This run was also for the ACCMB members, the annual “Paul Kruger Economy Run” trophy.

Participants were required to estimate the fuel consumption of Neil and May Schubert’s 1965 XP Ford Falcon sedan for the run, even though the vehicle was driven with the choke out either deliberate or by mistake by May.

The trophy winner will be announced at the ACCMB 2019 AGM Presentation dinner.