Experience and time will give us confidence, just like these geese at Sturt Reserve, Kevin Schrapel writes

NAP TIME: "We'll park where we please". Photo: Kevin Schrapel.
NAP TIME: "We'll park where we please". Photo: Kevin Schrapel.

Confidence of Geese

Getting out of my car at Sturt Reserve there was this ruckus; followed by being confronted by a gaggle of geese demanding: “what right have you to be here!”

Realising I was not to be intimidated; it appeared sitting in the road was their way of protesting.

I was wrong. It wasn’t a protest. It was “morning nap time”. 

A car came along; totally ignored by the “feathered furies”; it detoured; as did the next three. I finally left (also detouring).

“How could those “web footed noisies” be so confident? Probably experience.

Experience had shown they would not be harmed. 

We all go through life where we experience situations which threaten to run over us: more bills than money, health problems, family disruption, dumped by a friend, unexpected car breakdown.

Some will say, “trust in God” and you know it is only words.

Then there are others who can say, “talk to God who cares about it” and you know for them it is more than words.

There is a confidence; that has come through experience.

Experience which has taught that the God of caring continually offers to support, strengthen, help find answers: but we need to “give Him a go”.

He has never said He will fix things the way we might always expect, but He does promise to build your confidence and faith in Him: through experience. 

A man who’d experienced many troubles said, “be confident in approaching God: if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

Check 1 John chapter five verse fourteen.

Have a blessed week,

Kevin Schrapel.