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A grade

MYPOLGONA v MENINGIE: Each time Mypolonga and Meningie meet, they come with determination and intensity, and Saturday’s River Murray netball A grade preliminary final was no different.

Both sides provided spectators with a high-quality, well contested, skilled game.

Each team was unwavering in their expectation of representing their club in the 2018 grand final, but only one team could be the winner.

Meningie won the toss, however Mypolonga keeper Sheridan O’Brien intercepted the pass and the sidequickly converted through Nadia Manly.

Mypo quickly scored the second goal from their first centre pass and a fast-paced, defensive game ensued.

Each side strongly contested every pass, but many forced errors found it difficult for either team to take control.

Meningie lead by two goals after the first quarter, 12-10.

In the second quarter Meningie’s strong defensive pressure, especially from Kate Treloar and Rebecca Walsh challenged, Mypolonga goalers.

Mypolonga’s circle defenders O’Brien and Ashleigh Biddell put equal pressure on the Meningie goalers.

Meningie’s Casey Reichelt and Mypolonga’s Kelsey Gepp again had a great tussle in centre, trying to block and create openings.

But it was the timely intercepts from Gepp that pushed Mypolonga to take the lead by one, at the end of the quarter, 18-17.

Meningie remained unchanged for the third quarter, while Stacey Kempe went on at wing attack for Mypolonga, and her fresh legs and long arms had immediate impact.

The teams were relentless in their efforts, but it was Mypolonga’s goalers who shot with higher accuracy as their team settled, enabling them to extend their lead, 35-23.

For the final quarter, Meningie brought Jane Swan on at shooter to partner with Marni Hood.

The combination worked well as both goalies scored accurately and Meningie regained some ground but were unable to maintain control long enough to take the lead.

All players continued to dig deep and work tirelessly, however, it was Mypolonga’s lead, established in the third quarter, that allowed them to win by 10 goals, 48-38.


MENINGIE v IMPERIALS - The last time Meningie and Imperials met it proved to be a thriller.

Imperials started well with accurate shooting from Larissa Schenscher in shooter.

Both sides went goal-for-goal for most of the quarter with until Imperials mid court of Chloe Roberts and Molly Adlerintercepted crucial balls.

At the first break Imperials led 15-13.

In the second quarter, Meningie fired with efficient defensive work from defenders Lauren Jeffery and Caitlin Clothier while Blues’ goaler Sarah Crane settled into the circle, however the Bears led at half time 29-23.

In the third term Imperials mid court proved too strong as wing attack Simone Cocks provided drive and the goalies were able to capitalise.

Meningie centre April Brown provided defensive pressure when needed however at the final break it was only one goal in it, Meningie 42, Imperials 41.

The fourth quarter started much like the first, goal-for-goal. Imperial defenders Stephanie Hagger and Leah Williams worked tirelessly against Meningie’s Jane Swan  and Candice Love, however Meningie came out victors in a thriller, 56-53.


MYPOLONGA v TAILEM BEND – Mypolonga and Tailem Bend took to the court in the preliminary final.

Tailem Bend won the centre pass and scored the first goal through Stacey Wilson.

The first quarter was intense with both teams applying pressure and the ball often going up and down the court. In a low scoring first termTailem led 6-4.

In the second quarter, Wilson continued to shoot accurately along with Katie Aspel, resulting in Tailem getting a few goals in a row.

Mypolonga applied defensive pressure and fought hard for any rebounds or loose balls.

Tailem Bend defenders Lorraine Haebich and Amanda Martin worked well in the ring, making it hard for Mypo to shoot or get rebounds.

Mypo led by one goal at half time, 14-13.

The third quarter was again tightly contested  as Jordan Lewis, Mypolonga, used her long arms and height in the circle to get some handy intercepts.

Credit to Mypolonga goalers who held their ground and provided great contests for rebounds.

An even quarter from both sides as the Tigers led 22-21.

In the final quarter Mypolonga moved the ball well and capitalised on Tailem’s errors to gain a lead.

Outstanding reading of play by Mypolonga’s Danielle Monjean saw her intercept a lot of the ball creating shooting opportunities for her side.

Excellent teamwork from Mypo as they fought hard until the final whistle to finish with a seven-goal win, 33-26.

Tailem Bend had not beaten Mypolonga during the minor rounds however they provided excellent competition in a nail-biting game, showing great competitiveness.

Best players – Mypolonga: Danielle Monjean; Tailem Bend: Stacey Wilson.


IMPERIALS v RAMBLERS – Both teams started strong with close scores for the majority of the first quarter with Imperials leading the first quarter by only a few goals.

Ramblers made many changes with Sharni rarely missing a goal while under great defensive pressure from Imperials’ Brooke Matjanow and Casie Newell, but the Blues led at half time.

Changes were made for Imperials going into the third quarter as Madeline Adler, Leticia McNicol and Maddison Bell worked well together in defence creating turnovers.

Ramblers’ Charli Austin, Christine and Caitlin put ldefensive pressure on the opposition forcing them to work hard for the ball.

Imperials’ Micala Gurney and Tayla Dunning were accurate in goals, working hard under  tight pressure.

The last quarter saw both teams fatiguing from warmer temperatures, but Imperials took the win, 55-34 with consistent hard work.

17 and under

MANNUM v RAMBLERS – This was a game to watch as both teams had great talent on show.

There were nerves from both teams but Mannum settled first scoring the first three goals through Maddy Jarred and Gemma Horstmann.

Ramblers soon stepped up and didn’t let Mannum continue on its little run with tight pressure from defenders Sheniqua Shaw and Annabelle ONeil, which helped get the ball to their goalies. W

Goalies  Jemma Chapman andLucy O’Neil converting with some timely goals for Ramblers and took the team to the lead 8-6.

The second quarter was goal-for-goal and as the Mannum defence of Rachel Paech, Shari Hampel and Tess Christiansen worked strong as a combination and made the Rambler players work for any ball.

There were great battles between the centres, Mannum’s Monique Stennett and Ramblers’ Emily Burt, both going hard for their team. Ramblers held the lead at half time, 15-14.

In the third quarter Mannum brought on Madi Muirhead to bring some new pressure and feeds for the team while Ramblers changed up their goalies.

Mannum stepped up and played some great netball with Hampel working hard to get some great intercepts for her team which Jarred and Horstmann converted into goals. Mannum led 25-23 at the final break.

The final quarter was every coach’s fear as it ended with a tie. Playing on in overtime the girls were pushed to their limits with the heat as many started to get leg cramps.

Both teams did not making any changes and fought for every ball, with timely intercepts by Mannum and the goalies stepping it up.

Mannum took the win at the final whistle by a close two goals, 43-41.

Best players – Mannum: Shari Hampel, Tess Christiansen; Ramblers: Annabelle O’Neil, Emily Burt.

15&U, Div 1

MYPOLONGA v MENINGIE – Mypolonga won the toss and started the game with the first centre pass but Meningie was able to score the first two goals.

Mypolonga settled well, particularly through the mid court, with Kara Reed at centre provided strong drive and voice up and down the court.

Alyssa Wilson, wing defence for Meningie, tried hard to slow the attack and took a number of good intercepts, however, Mypo was able to take advantage and finished the quarter three goals up, 11-8.

In the second term both teams swapped their mid court around with Meningie’s Tammin Clark and Tiarnie Ling and Mypo’s Shawna Denman and Kara Reed trading places.

It was a tough quarter for Meningie,  with the Mypolonga mid court easily moving the ball up and down the court.

Meningie’s defenders Charli Medlow and Meaghan Lewisworked hard but were unable to slow down the Mypolonga shooters as the Tigers extended their lead 21-12 at the break.

In the third quarter both teams made changes.

Meningie brought on fresh legs, with Trisha Leccio providing pace at wing defence and, Mypolonga’s Molly Bretag went to wing defence and Abbey Schofield at centre.  Meningie hit the court with determination as the defence of Medlow and Lewis doubled down on their efforts picking up any loose ball and rebounds. In an intense quarter Meningie closed Mypolonga’s lead to two goals, 28-30.

In the final quarter both teams went out strong.

Meningie kept the momentum going and quickly evened the score and then held the lead, scoring eight goals for the quarter to Mypolonga’s four.

Mypolonga kept up with tight pressure, and again showed strength in their mid court with Shawna Denman returning to wing attack and Kara Reed at centre.

In the final minutes of the game, some great intercepts from Meningie’s defence, combined with accurate shooting from Chelsea Swan  and Imogen Allen gave the Bears the win, 36-34.

13&U, Div 1

MANNUM v IMPERIALS – The game went goal-for-goal for quite some throughout the quarter until Piper Wegener, Mannum, intercepted the ball in the midcourt and scored through Charlotte Denver.

Olivia Eldridge, Imperials, worked hard on the defensive as Narelle Griffiths and Paige Bonson had a battle at centre. Mannum lead at quarter time, 9-7.

Mannum made some positional changes and scored four goals in succession, then Imperials scored with Geogia DeMichele and Caitlin Michalik combining well.

Mannum had a dominant second term to lead at half time, 23-9.

Imperials and Mannum brought on fresh players as the Blues took advantage to score off Mannum’s centre pass.

Briannah Griffiths and Mia Kluge defended well  to set up on a counter attack as Imperials defence line worked overtime with Caitlin Hissey  standing in front to get a lot of timely intercepts. The Roos took a lead of 34-15 at the final break and continued to impress with some good play to take the win.

13&U, Div 2

JERVOIS v MANNUM – There were great one-on-one contests and it took a minute for Jervois to get the first goal. The quarter was tight  as Jervois goaler Madison Jaensch and centre Thailiah Davies played strongly.

Mannum’s Grace Lukey, Chelsea Hartley, Taleah Bailey and Dana Eggers did not stop running and got plenty of intercepts and rebounds to lead 5-4.

Jervois dominated the second quarter as goaler Chelsea Towill and defenders Bella Cameron and Erin Poulish played well, keeping Mannum to just three goals to take the lead 12-8.

The third quarter was well contested by both teams. Mannum got a few quick goals which helped with their confidence and there was no stopping them after that. Scores at three quarter time were Mannum 17, Jervois 16.

Mannum went out fighting in the last quarter as their defenders and mid court forced many turnovers to take the match 27-18.

11&U, Div 1

RAMBLERS v IMPERIALS – Ramblers started strong with the first goal but quickly Imperials applied defensive pressure.

Imperials worked well in the ring and shot accurately to take the lead at the first break, 8-4. In the second term Ramblers continued to work hard around the centre but Imperial defenders Mia Perriman and Ella Raymond continued to work well together as their side held the lead 13-10.

Rambler goalers Rosie Vowels and Leah Anderson–Morris worked the ring well in the third quarter and finished with goals.

Ramblers’ defensiver pressure from Layla Hearne and Porsha Marchetti proved too strong with some great interceptions and rebounds resulting in Ramblers leading going into the final quarter, 18-15.

Imperials started the last term quickly with the first goal and continued catching up. Ramblers defence worked well keeping the ball out of Imperials goal circle allowing their shooters to score. Ramblers worked well together in the ring resulting in the much needed goals to finishwith the win, 25-22.

11&U, Div 2

IMPERIALS v MANNUM – Both teams started strong and it was quite some time until Imperial shooter Kira Barnett scored the first goal for the game.

Tight defence from Mannum made Imps work harder as the Roos’ centre provided strong drive to help them score just before the quarter time break.

Heading into the second quarter, Imps held the lead but strong passes from Mannum made the defence work harder for the ball.

Keeper Shanelle Gibsons’ defensive pressure and rebounding gave her team plenty of opportunities to score and hold the lead heading into half time.

Both teams made changes in the break as their mid courts worked hard to turn over the ball. Imperials lead was too big and they won 17-11.