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A Grade 

JERVOIS v RAMBLERS: Everything was on the line and there would be no second chance for the loser of this one, as Jervois and Ramblers went into battle in the first semi final on Sunday in the A grade.

Tony Gibson got the Bluds off to a great start with the first goal of the game. 

Justin Hardy then put through their second goal within a minute. 

Ramblers then had an opportunity inside 50, but it was rushed through for a behind. 

They then had another shot at goal after getting the ball back from the Bluds kick in, but missed. 

Tyler Robinson put the next goal through for the Bluds after snapping around his body, but the Roosters replied straight away with a goal to David Wilson. 

Jervois and Ramblers then both had opportunities at goal, each scoring a behind. 

There was no further score until Nick Pearce put a goal through for the Roosters. 

Close to time on and Jervois held a 5 point lead, 3.2.20 to 2.3.15. 

The Roosters hit the lead soon after, but two goals to the Bluds got them a 13 point lead at quarter time, 5.4.34 to 3.3.21.

There was no score for the first several minutes of the second quarter as the ball was up and down the ground. 

Justin Hardy then took a mark 40 metres out for the Bluds, but his shot at goal missed. 

Peter Zarantonello then put the first goal on the board for the Bluds, after a great intercept and pass from Tate Silverlock. 

The Bluds then put on two quick goals to stretch their lead, nearing the halfway point of the quarter. 

Ramblers then replied with two goals of their own to bring the margin back to 20 points. 

Ryan Willits then put on another goal for the Bluds to steady them and Justin Hardy had another shot at goal, which missed. 

Getting close to time on now and Jervois held a 27-point lead, 9.6.60 to 5.3.33. 

Ramblers and Jervois both put on another goal each for the quarter and there was a 26 point margin heading into half time, 10.7.67 to 6.5.41.

The Roosters came out firing after half time and put on the first three goals of the third quarter to cut the margin to 6 points about 10 minutes in before the Bluds were able to steady. 

Goals to Owen Love and Justin Hardy just before time on gave them back a decent lead of 17 points. 

Owen Love then put on one more goal for the quarter to give them a 23-point lead at three-quarter-time, 13.7.85 to 9.9.63.

Kieran Yakas for Ramblers had the first shot at goal to draw them closer, but missed and Jervois were then able to put the first goal through for the quarter as Kieren Stone dodged around and kicked truly from 15 metres out. 

They then put on the next two goals and put the game beyond doubt, before Kieran Yakas got a reply for the Roosters. 

The score was now 16.8.104 to 10.11.71 halfway through the quarter. 

The Bluds put on four more goals to two and ran out winners by 45 points, 20.8.128 to 12.11.83 and they will now face Imperials in the preliminary final next Saturday for a spot in the grand final.


Imperials stormed through to the preliminary final with an emphatic win over Mypolonga on Sunday. 

Mypolonga won the toss and went to the town end and opened the scoring with a goal to Kobe Wilson. 

Both teams had a loose man in defence in Russell Tucker and Dale Leech and were both picking up numerous touches. 

Khian Rigney-Smith replied for the Blues. 

Another goal this time by Patrick Robinson had the home team starting to play some good run on football a late goal for Mypolonga’s Joel Eckermann stemmed the lead into the quarter-time break.

Knain Rigney again got the Blues away to a good start with a goal and Imperials defence was starting to get on top of their opponents. 

Brock Reu was having a good game as was the veteran in Ash Temby. 

Brad Wright was dominating the rucks for the Blues and giving his runners in Tom Hines and Dale Leech first look at the ball.

The third quarter saw the Tigers attacking first but couldn’t get and majors as Imperials defence lead by Louis Paech and Clint De Michele repelled many attacks. 

Luke Fitzgerald and Luke Bassani were busy players for the Tigers. 

Tom Puatti was creative across half back for Mypolonga. 

But Imperials held a handy 17-point lead at the main break.

The final quarter saw an early few goals to Wayne Hutchinson and Fitzgerald but a late sealer by Aaron Hancock for Imperials saw the Blues home by three goals.

Under 17.5

Mannum won the toss and kicked with the wind. 

amblers went into attack first but Mannum worked hard and through good team work worked the ball into their forward line. 

Mitch Heward was having a good quarter and constantly drove the ball forward. 

Ramblers started winning the ball at half back with Kyle Watts and Alex Hein and with Bailey Mueller in the midfield running hard Ramblers attacked on many occasions. 

Ramblers scored first through Sam Rigney and then soon kicked another. 

Mannum while having a lot of the play kicked many points and didn’t register a goal until late in the quarter.

Ramblers had most of the play in the 2nd quarter and with Daniel Altmann controlling the full back line when Mannum did attack Mannum a found it hard to score. 

Ramblers Jesse Paech, Tyson Borman and Louie Koeppen spreading well and managed to score 4 - 2 to Mannum’s 1 - 0 in the 2nd quarter.

It was a tight tussle in the 3rd quarter with Aiden Holland, Daniel Laubsch and Mitch Heward playing well for Mannum and Luke Crouch, Kane Christian and Marcus Taylor working extremely hard for Ramblers neither side was really on top. 

Eventually Ramblers managed to kick 1 - 3 to Mannum’s 0 - 2 to increase their lead by three-quarter-time.

Mannum came out hard at the start of the last quarter and constantly drove the ball into attack but Ramblers backline managed to repel most attacks with some good footy from their players. 

Ramblers midfield started to get on top about a third of the way through the last quarter with Jayden Parker-Menzies, Brayden McDonald, Shannon Callery and Mika Kederayate all running hard. 

Mannum never gave up but with Rambler forwards Cam Schubert, Callum Hutchesson and Connor Stephens running hard Mannum found it difficult to defend. Ramblers kicked 2 - 2 to Mannum’s 1 -2 in the last quarter. 

While Ramblers won easy in the end if Mannum had kicked straight in the 1st quarter it may have been a much closer match.

Ramblers best were Altmann, Taylor, Watts, McDonald and Hein. Mannum’s best were Heward, Krollig, Laubsch, Holland and Bormann.

Under 15

MYPOLONGA v MANNUM: Ideal spring weather greeted players with a slight breeze to the dog park pocket at the gate end of Johnstone Park. 

Mannum kicked the first goal to the freeway end through Blake Fidge.

Players to get early touches included Brock Heward and Blake Fidge for Mannum and Jordan Hein for Mypolonga. 

Jackson Hughes and Lewis Jaensch for Mypo were providing good rebound from Mannum’s forward attacks.

Mypolonga responded with a goal from Mostyn Payne at the gate end from a sharp kick out of a pack where he kicked truly from the set shot locking up the scoreboard at 1-1.

After a free kick in the centre clearance to Jordan Hein for holding the ball against Brock Heward, Mypolonga cleared it down to the forward line where Lachy Gale burst out of a back into an open goal square to put Mypo up 2-1 to 1-1 which became the quarter-time score.

The first clearance of the second quarter from Blake Fidge resulted in a behind to Mannum followed by another behind to Fidge after a burst down the wing. 

A mark to Max Bormann of Mannum from about 30 metres out then resulted in another point to the gate end at the two-and-a-half minute mark. 

A good link up for Mypolonga through the centre involving Jordan Hein and Declan Fritchley resulted in a snap rom Riley Walton narrowly missing at the freeway end.

Fidge for Mannum again important in their transition from defence through the centre to their forward lines resulted in a mark and goal to Max Bormann of Mannum at the gate and the five minute mark second quarter. 

The score was Mannum 2-4 to Mypolonga 2-2.

Good forward pressure for Mypolonga resulted in two consecutive behinds involving forwards Trent Frahn, Alex Clothier and Riley Walton tying the scores at 2-4 a piece at the seven minute mark. 

A sharp snap from Chad Reschke of Mannum in the dog park pocket at the gate end result in a goal at the 11 1/2 minute mark making the score 3-5 to 2-5. Another quick snap dribble kick from the pocket at the 13 ½ minute mark by Rory Stephens of Mannum pushed the score out the half time score to 4-6 to 2-5 in favour of Mannum.

A scoreless arm wrestle between both sides for the opening five minutes of the third quarter finally resulted in a behind to Brayden Hein of Mypolonga from a set shot in the gate end dog park pocket followed quickly by another one from the opposite pocket to Mypo’s Declan Fritchley. 

Another rushed behind to Mypo made the score 4-6 to 2-7 advantage Mannum. 

Scoring becoming difficult in the third quarter, it was a battle of the half backs finally broken by a set shot to Mannum’s Chad Reschke in the pocket at the freeway end hitting the post at the eight minute mark. 

The score was now 4-7 to 2-7. 

Jordan Hein and Blake Fidge continued to be the key players for their sides getting the ball through the midfield to the respective forward lines. 

A flying banana attempt by Harry Stone from Mypo resulted in a behind at the gate end. 

Running into an open goal, Anthony Goodfellow from Mannum dribbled through a behind. 

Defenders repelling attacks for both sides include Brock Heward for Mannum and Alex and Luke Smith from Mypo. 

A free kick to Chad Reschke of Mannum at the 12.5 minute mark resulted in a point from a set shot in the pocket. 

Multiple forward 50 entries from Mypo didn’t result in any score including a shot at after the siren at three quarter time by Jordan Hein which did make the distance. 

A goalless third quarter with half backs dominating with only a few points scored although still proving that both teams can move the ball either way even though the wind is favouring the gate end. 

The three-quarter-time score was Mannum 4-9 to Mypolonga’s 2-8.

Good defensive efforts from both back lines saw no change to the three quarter time score at the 3 minute mark of the final quarter. 

A good burst through the backlines from Sanuel Matakanace from Mannum resulted in a rushed behind at the three minute mark of the last quarter. 

Another behind to Mannum pushed to score to 4-10 to 2-8 at the five minute mark. 

The first goal to either side for over a quarter finally came to Caden Giles of Mannum who had a set shot after a rebound in from a rushed behind a Mannum at the seventh minute mark. 

Two more rushed behinds to Mannum at the gate and at about the nine minute mark as they had more marking options.

Jordan Hein continued to work hard as did his brother Brayden and the Smiths boys in the back lines for Mypo. Another snap for a behind to Mannum’s Blake Fidge who was best on ground. 

Mannum had more contributors on the day to progress to next weeks’ preliminary final against Tailem Bend. 

The final score was Mannum 5-15 to Mypolonga 2-8.