Letter to the editor, October 4, 2018

Photo: File.
Photo: File.

Firstly, a question for the residents of Murray Bridge.

Who actually wanted the new, multi-million dollar greyhound racing track: the people who will financially benefit from it, or the gamblers who will consistently lose money?

The greyhounds certainly didn't want it, or this development in Monarto South.

A group of neighbours and the RSPCA are appealing the Murray Bridge council's decision to approve a greyhound breeding and training facility for up to 150 greyhounds in the Environment, Resources and Development Court.

The Mayor, Mr Brenton Lewis, was quoted in The Advertiser on July 21 as saying a greyhound racing track was being built and it would be "hypocritical" of the council not to approve associated developments.

I was under the impression that any development should be approved based on merit and compliance issues, not the council being seen as hypocritical.

What cost will this development have on neighbours and large parts of this area which are protected under a federal heritage protection act?

There were 125 objections to this development.

The council has not dealt with the noise created by the greyhounds already on this property, which disturbs the sleep of several neighbours; with the dogs escaping and issues associated with them escaping; or with the number of greyhounds kept on the property (to our satisfaction).

The council will be defensive about their actions or lack thereof, but the neighbours are experiencing the reality of this development.

As neighbours we look forward to the noise that 150 dogs will make and the noise of the training runs - so much for our peaceful rural lifestyle.

Thank you, council, for your consideration of how this development already is and will affect the lives of the people unfortunate enough to live near this development.

According to the development plan, all the lucky excess greyhounds are to be rehomed as pets.

Is the council going to make it compulsory for local people to adopt these poor animals?

Because there are likely to be hundreds over time if this development goes ahead.

I know that the GAP organisation does a wonderful job rehoming greyhounds, but the sheer number of dogs involved here is surely more than they could possibly hope to rehome.

Does anybody want to buy a property in a primary production zone in Monarto South surrounded by sheep, horses, a few cows and some crops – and 150 greyhounds?

There will be a few going for a song as we have been told by a real estate agent that they will be virtually impossible to sell with this development happening.

I ask again: who is going to benefit from the new greyhound race track and this development, which will ruin our lives?

Roxanne Williams, Monarto South