RSL Bowling Club to open new clubrooms

Murray Bridge RSL Bowling Club life member Bob Channon has regaled members with stories of the club’s history at its season opening at Murray Bridge East on Sunday.

He threw down the first kitty of an afternoon of practice for the coming Lower Murray bowls season.

Past RSL president Merv Schopp will officially open the bowling club’s new rooms at 5.30pm on Thursday.

It was during his time that the RSL began demolishing an old corrugated iron storage shed attached to its main buildin, held a garage sale to get rid of accumulated junk that had been put there over the years, and built a new annex adjoining the building.

A new ceiling was installed late last year, and flooring added last month.

The new room will be named the Iroquois Room, after the Bell UH-1D helicopter used by Australian soldiers during the Vietnam War.

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