Make a Wish takes children to The Bend Motorsport Park | PHOTOS, POLL

No-one can really be sure if he was the Stig, of Top Gear fame, or not.

After all, when he was not speeding around the track at The Bend Motorsport Park, he kept his helmet on and mostly stood around with his arms folded.

But he was a welcome sight on a day full of them, organised by the Make a Wish Foundation for the families of several children who needed just such a distraction.

Each was able to choose one car to take a hot lap in: a Lotus, a Lamborghini, a Porsche, a BMW or a Maserati.

Make a Wish volunteer Barry Anderson said the foundation hoped to show the families that society cared about them.

"It's something to remind them we're thinking about them," he said.

The day was organised by OTR, the company owned by the same Shahin family who built the motor sport park.